Security in Sochi

first_imgAs international attention turns to the Black Sea port of Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics, the anticipation surrounding the Games is sharing headlines with the region’s recent history of unrest and its potential to bring violence to spectators and athletes there. In December, suicide bombers killed 34 people in two explosions in the southern Russian city of Volgograd, two months after a bus bombing killed seven others. The attacks came on the heels of an announcement by a militant leader from the restive Russian republic of Chechnya that the Games were a valid target for his fighters.Russian security forces have mounted a massive effort to keep the Games safe, pouring both manpower and advanced technology into the area.With the Games opening Friday, the Gazette spoke with Russia expert Timothy Colton, the Morris and Anna Feldberg Professor of Government and Russian Studies and chair of Harvard’s Department of Government, about the region’s troubles and the potential for Olympic violence.GAZETTE: Can you provide some background on the Sochi region and the security situation there?COLTON: This part of Russia — the whole region, the North Caucasus and Black Sea coast — is chronically unstable, largely because of post-imperial adjustments that have proved to be incredibly difficult.Sochi itself is, in Russian terms, an area with no particular ethnic coloration, so it’s governed like any other part of the country. But within a few hundred miles, you have dedicated homelands for minority groups, some of which have grievances and others that have been caught up for the last 10 or 15 years in a mood of rebelliousness against the center, which has increasingly taken on a religious coloration. So Islam also enters into this.One factor about Sochi, though, is that even though it’s governed today like any other Russian city, there is some history there, and it has to do with the Circassians.[Circassians are] a set of four or five groups that are related to one another by language and history. Some live in the Russian North Caucasus. Others live in diaspora in Turkey, in Jordan, elsewhere in the Middle East. Some of the more politically engaged insist that Sochi has particular meaning for them.It turns out that the deportation of many of the Circassian people, which was partly involuntary and partly voluntary, occurred from the port of Sochi beginning in 1864, or exactly 150 years ago. That lends a certain resonance to the fact that Circassian activists talk about “the bones of our ancestors” being here.GAZETTE: With news coverage of the attacks in Volgograd and the search for “black widow” suicide bombers, is there one specific group that is a threat for these Games?COLTON: There are a number of groups. It’s a shadowy world. Some are violent, and some are not, and the Internet plays a role as well. Some of these groups are more virtual than real. You can set up a website and claim that you are this or that without there being much substance to it.The particular group that has been most involved in violent acts is headed by a warrior named Doku Umarov. Umarov actually began as a Chechen rebel in the 1990s and has reinvented himself repeatedly. He now heads something called the Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus or the North Caucasus. So this is partly virtual, partly real. But they have definitely been involved in terrorist activities, including in Moscow.There is suspicion Umarov has been killed in recent weeks. Some Russian sources say they’ve managed to destroy him. But it is not entirely clear that this is the case, because such claims have been made before.A couple of years ago, Umarov swore off bombings — suicide bombs and other attacks of that kind — against Russian civilians. He then changed his mind in 2013 and announced that the Sochi Olympics were going to be a target for his organization. So in terms of anxiety on the part of the Russian security agencies, he is probably the main source. But there are many others. For example, the bombings in Volgograd don’t seem to have anything to do with his organization.GAZETTE: What do you think of the Russian security preparations? It sounds like there’s a massive presence there.COLTON: There’s a massive presence. You hear numbers like 75,000 security troops and others there, but of course the Russians aren’t going to reveal the exact number. My guess is that it’s even higher than that. Plus, they’ve installed pretty high-tech equipment in terms of badges, screening devices, filtration, and all that. I think they’re on the case, and they can afford to buy state-of-the-art equipment and to train people. I take their effort quite seriously.They are all aware that this isn’t just about [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s personal [reputation], but that the reputation of the country, even the authority of the government among its own citizens, is at stake here. If something terrible happens in Sochi, this is going to be a disaster for all concerned. So I think they’re trying hard.However, terrorists are elusive adversaries. They always seem to be finding ways around security systems. The security cordon — the really thick one — is the so-called “ring of steel” around the Olympic zone, in Sochi and the surrounding hills. But the terrorists can in theory disrupt the Games by striking somewhere else in Russia. It wouldn’t have the same impact, but it would have a significant impact, and it could even lead to panicky withdrawal of athletes by the United States or other countries if it were anyplace close, even if it were in Moscow.GAZETTE: Would you be surprised if the Olympics period in Sochi, and the rest of Russia, passes peacefully?COLTON: I’m not sure I have any basis to say. The United States government is concerned about this, but there are going to be 15,000 Americans in Sochi, so we haven’t kept our people out. I guess everybody is banking on the Russian security measures working.But also I think it’s only rational to be fearful that something will happen. If you put me on the spot, my answer would be that I would think not, but I could be absolutely wrong.GAZETTE: I read that some experts on the region felt that when Sochi was announced as a site for the Games, it was sort of asking for trouble. Did you have a similar reaction?COLTON: I did wonder a little bit. Russia is, of course, a very northerly country. It has many thousands of square miles of frigid territory. It’s the land of winter. So why did they have to do it in Sochi? Partly, I think, it was a regional development thing. The Caucasus area is very underdeveloped. There’s a lot of poverty there. This was a sort of wake-up project that would have a lot of benefits.Sochi is [also] a very presidential place. That’s where the president has his summer retreat. A lot of foreign statesmen go to see him there. It has that sort of presidential, Kremlin resonance to it. In addition to that — I’ve been there a number of times — it has a very unusual flavor in that the northern coast of the Black Sea is quite moderate in climate. It’s like Virginia, North Carolina, or something like that.It’s quite balmy in summer. There are palm trees there. But when you go just north into the hills and mountains, there’s a lot of snow in winter. So it was a little bit like Vancouver in a sense. You have a sea-level city, which is of interest, and which they want to develop. And a few miles away, uphill, you get winter conditions.So, aside from the ethnic and national aspect of this, there is the climate risk. And in the early conversations that I can remember, this was given prominence: Is there a chance that it won’t snow on those hills, and the winter Olympics will fail for that reason?Well, the Russians were certainly awake to this from the beginning. They have stockpiled snow. They have shipped it in. They have made it with machines, and put it in cold storage. That’s a problem you can kind of spend your way out of, and I think they managed to do that.Elsewhere in the country, Russia is a relatively flat place. It does not have a lot of mountain relief. There are any number of places you could do hockey and skating, but as far as the mountain sports are concerned, you need relief. The main alternative — speaking of the Russian Federation and not its neighbors — would be the Ural Mountains, the separation between Europe and Asia.But that’s very far inland. It’s an industrial region. It has no particular tourist potential. I’m sure they considered it. They could have built ski lifts in that direction, but it’s less attractive for a lot of reasons.GAZETTE: Is there anything else you wanted to add?COLTON: I know it’s significant, and it’s troublesome, but I think there’s been an overemphasis on the security side of these Games. Our media coverage is zeroing in on the security aspect as if it were the only thing. And that seems slightly out of kilter to me.These things happen only every four years and are great events. The Russians got into this in the first place because they crave the recognition that hosting the Olympics brings. They only had one Olympic Games before — in the Soviet days, in 1980 in Moscow — so they really wanted to get back on the map in this regard.They’re also traditionally very strong in winter sports. So for them, this was the chance to shine. And the way they look at it, that should be the primary focus.last_img read more

Human Smuggler Gets 30 Years In US Jail After 9 Die

first_imgBy Dialogo December 02, 2011 A Mexican national in charge of a human smuggling ring responsible for the drowning deaths of nine illegal immigrants was sentenced to 30 years in a US prison, prosecutors said. Joel Cardenas-Meneses, 43, was in charge of recruiting illegal immigrants from Central America, arranging their transportation to northern Mexico and then smuggling them across the Rio Grande River to Texas. US officials began investigating the ring after discovering the bodies of seven men and two women who had drowned inside a vehicle that had fallen into an irrigation canal near Hildago, Texas. They determined that the vehicle’s teenaged driver had been driving — as instructed — with the lights off to avoid detection and lost control after making a sharp turn. The victims were illegal immigrants from El Salvador and Honduras. Cardenas-Meneses was arrested in Houston, Texas in February — more than four years after he was indicted on human trafficking charges — and convicted in September.last_img read more

Congressman Brindisi launches ‘Cards for Heroes’ program

first_img“During the holiday season, it is important that we show them we appreciate their sacrifice. Holiday cards are just one small way for us to say thank you and spread holiday cheer throughout our community,” said Brindisi. “Cards for Heroes” is a program that encourages people to send holiday cards to veterans. Brindisi will be collecting the cards at two locations. (WBNG) — Congressman Anthony Brindisi is asking families to show appreciation for veterans this holiday season. The first is his office at 49 Court St, suite 210 in Binghamton. The second is his office at 430 Court St, suite 102 in Utica, N.Y.center_img Holiday cards must be submitted by Dec. 20. Brindisi says the country should honor its veterans.last_img read more

Get facts straight on gun control issue

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionI find it interesting when reading letters in The Gazette where the writers adamantly state their opinions without bothering to research their beliefs. A Feb. 24 letter from Geraldine Krawitz attacked Obama and the Democrats for inaction following the Sandy Hook shooting. She stated that “both the Executive branch and Congress were Democrat controlled” at the time of the tragedy and they “did nothing.”The 113th Congress convening in 2013 was Republican-controlled, as was the 112th during the preceding two years. A Democrat-sponsored bill to reestablish the assault weapons ban was brought to a Senate vote in 2013 but was defeated after strong NRA opposition. (Yes, some Democrats are beholden to the gun lobby). An earlier ban failed to be renewed in 2004 under Republican control. Obama was highly supportive of the legislation and issued 23 executive orders to help curb gun violence after Sandy Hook as per Wikipedia.We frequently hear that gun control legislation will unduly affect “law abiding citizens.” Let me point out that Nickolas Cruz was a “law-biding citizen” until the school shooting. Stephan Paddock was a “law-abiding citizen” prior to the Las Vegas massacre. Omar Mateen, Adam Lanza, James Holmes and the Columbine shooters all used legally purchased weapons to kill innocent victims.Wayne VirklerRexfordMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?Police: Schenectady woman tried to take car in Clifton Park hours after arrest, release in prior the…EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homeslast_img read more

‘Punish with lashes’: Peruvian peasant militias dole out rough justice in coronavirus fight

first_imgAfter their creation in the 1970s the militias expanded throughout the country’s rural highland areas, where there is little state administration. In cities and urban areas, the police and judges enforce law and order.After a coronavirus quarantine was declared in March, the peasant brigades in Cajamarca closed their regional borders and imposed social isolation measures, which has kept cases in the area low with just over 1,000 diagnosed infections.In the southern area of Puno, with 1.2 million inhabitants, there have been 526 infections and 9 deaths. In that region the militias also took control after the start of the lockdown.”For a person to correct himself, according to our grandparents, it has to be three lashes, it has to be an odd number. If it’s two the person doesn’t correct himself, that is the belief,” said Vinter Apaza, president of one local group.While critics say these groups over-use violence, the brigades’ activities are recognized under Peruvian law after they played an important role in the decades-ago fight against leftist Maoist rebels known as the Shining Path. Topics : Peruvian peasant brigades, who decades ago battled leftist rebel groups, are now doling out rough justice in a bid to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in the Andean country, which has the region’s second highest number of cases after Brazil.The elected community militias, who in normal times solve odd cases of infidelity, robberies of chickens, or go after badly-behaved mayors, judges and other officials, say they now use lashes to punish those breaking quarantine.”According to the crime, you can punish with lashes,” Aladino Fernández, the president of a group in the northern highland region of Cajamarca, told Reuters by telephone. “A serious crime would be about 15 lashes.”last_img read more

Soekarno-Hatta Police receive report of sexual harassment during COVID-19 test

first_imgThe Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Police have received a report from a woman who says she was extorted and sexually harassed while undergoing a rapid COVID-19 test at the airport.The woman submitted the report after the airport police’s criminal investigation unit visited her in Bali on Monday. The case is under the jurisdiction of the Jakarta Police, but Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Come. Yusri Yunus said that the woman was unable to make the report in the capital because of work, so the officers went to Bali. Read also: Kimia Farma to take legal action against COVID-19 rapid test officer accused of extortion, sexual harassmentThe woman gave an account of her experience on Twitter, where she said she was extorted and sexually harassed by a medical worker employed by Kimia Farma during a rapid test at Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta, prior to her departure to Nias, North Sumatra, on Sept. 13.In response, clinical laboratory firm PT Kimia Farma Diagnostika, a subsidiary of publicly listed pharmaceutical company PT Kimia Farma, has said it will pursue legal action against an employee accused of fraud, extortion and sexual harassment during his time working as a COVID-19 rapid test officer at Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Kimia Farma Diagnostika president director Adil Fadillah Bulqini said the company had agreed to bring the case to court after contacting the accuser. (dpk)Topics :last_img read more

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain sends message to Arsenal fans after beating Spurs in Champions League final

first_img Read More PLAY by Metro Comment Video Settings The midfielder knew beating Spurs was just as important in the red half of north London (Picture: Getty)Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain says he had extra motivation to win the Champions League final so he could get one over former club Arsenal’s rivals Tottenham and deny them European glory.The 25-year-old, who has been sidelined with injury for much of the season, was an unused substitute as Liverpool secured a 2-0 victory in Madrid on Saturday night to seal their sixth European Cup success.Goals from Mohamed Salah and Divock Origi sealed the win for the Merseysiders, and Oxlade-Chamberlain wanted to win the title as much for his current club as his old one.Speaking to his former skipper Per Mertesacker on DAZN after the game, Oxlade-Chamberlain said: ‘As former Gooners, we know what that one meant to all the Arsenal fans out there.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE ‘It was massive for us at Liverpool, but “Once a Gooner always a Gooner” that’s what they say.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘I had a personal sort of feeling in that game that we needed to get that done for all the people I left at Arsenal, I know they were all willing us on to win that one so I’m happy that we could do it.’This time last year, Oxlade-Chamberlain was cutting a forlorn figure in Kiev hobbling around on crutches, but was able to enjoy the celebrations in Madrid with Little Mix girlfriend Perrie Edwards this time around. Rio Ferdinand tells Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop struggling Read More Skip Top articles Manchester United captain Harry Maguire About Connatix V67539 Read More Full Screen 1/1 Metro Sport ReporterSunday 2 Jun 2019 4:20 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link2.4kShares 1 min. story Skip Ad Read More / Oxlade-Chamberlain was loving every second after Liverpool’s win (Picture: Reuters)Speaking about the win, manager Jurgen Klopp said: ‘Did you ever see a team like this, fighting with no fuel in the tank? I am so happy for the boys, all these people and my family.‘They suffer for me, they deserve it more than anybody. It was an intense season with the most beautiful finish I ever could have imagined.’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal Coming Next Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain sends message to Arsenal fans after beating Spurs in Champions League final Read More SPONSORED Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more

Russia Assures World Cup 2018 Fans of their Safety

first_imgAbout 10,000 England fans are expected to travel to Russia in June.There were violent clashes when Russian fans charged England supporters in the stadium when the two countries played each other in Marseille at Euro 2016.Trouble was also reported in the city’s streets between England, Russia and France fans.Ms Baldwin told the committee that Russia was “responsible” for running a safe World Cup in June and had given its “assurances” to FIFA and the UK government.She said the threat of hooliganism had been a focus of two years of planning ahead of the event.The deployment of police officers who will be based in the country during the tournament was “at least as large as any other country” and co-operation with Russian authorities was “strong”, Ms Baldwin said.Conservative MP Priti Patel questioned the minister about whether she was concerned there would be a repeat of the violence against England fans in Marseille.Ms Baldwin said it had been a “specific focus” of authorities and she welcomed the banning of hooligans.She said: “I think this is an area where the police co-operation has been extensive but clearly as with any football event this is a risk that does need to be closely worked on and the risk of violence needs to be mitigated.”Asked if there were particular groups England fans should be aware of, Ms Baldwin said there is a “blacklist of known troublemakers” numbering about 1,800 people.The committee also heard that a “mobile embassy” will tour the cities hosting England games to assist fans.She said the Foreign Office’s preparations had been affected by the expulsion of 23 UK diplomats from Russia in the wake of the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury in March.But Ms Baldwin said her department had adapted to meet the challenge.Committee chairman Tom Tugendhat questioned the advice that fans from LGBT communities should exercise caution, and he suggested they could not rely on the assurances that Russian police would protect them.He said: “We are not talking about fans being a little bit cautious, we’re talking about fans realising that the police force there may not be on their side.“That the law enforcement authorities may actually be working against them and that the state that they would expect to turn to in terms of protection may be the organisation that is going to repress them the harshest.”Ms Baldwin said she “accepts” Mr Tugendhat’s comments but there had been “assurances”.She urged fans to check the Foreign Office’s dedicated website as well as the general travel advice for Russia before making their decision whether to travel.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Russian authorities have given their “assurance” fans will be safe from violence at the World Cup finals next month.Officials have a “blacklist” of known hooligans and have banned anyone responsible for trouble at Euro 2016 from attending, the Foreign Affairs Committee heard.Foreign Office Minister Harriett Baldwin was responding to concerns of other MPs.last_img read more

Fast reactions: 3 quick takeaways from No. 1 Syracuse’s 9-8 win over Binghamton on Senior Day

first_imgIn a clash of top-12 offense and top-10 defense, No. 1 Syracuse avoided an upset Saturday afternoon with its 9-8 victory over unranked Binghamton. The Orange, now winners of nine straight, trailed twice after the first quarter, before hanging on to the victory inside the Carrier Dome to hand the Bearcats its third consecutive loss. In its final tine-up before next week’s ACC tournament, the Orange’s (11-1, 4-0 Atlantic Coast) Evan Molloy blocked a late goal from Binghamton’s (9-4, 3-2 America East) Griffin Konen to secure the win.SU senior attack Jordan Evans scored three goals and Binghamton redshirt senior attack Tom Moore scored five, including his 39th of the season with 2:38 remaining, to pull the Bearcats within one. But SU improved to 6-0 against the Bearcats since their first meeting in 2010.Here are three quick reactions to the game.Hold your breathNo. 1 Syracuse has avoided close loss after close loss this year, and Saturday was no different. The Bearcats, which earned its first Inside Lacrosse Top 20 ranking since 2006, boasts the nation’s sixth-best defense. The team played on only two days rest, following their 10-4 loss at No. 5 Albany Wednesday night. The same defense that held Great Danes attack Connor Fields to only one goal held SU to fewer than 10 goals for the first time since March 18 at Johns Hopkins.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textSeveral uncharacteristic plays from SU veterans and little offensive flow allowed Binghamton to stay in it. Scott Firman was not his usual lockdown self, Evans scored two first-half goals but committed a careless turnover while spinning near the crease, Nick Mariano drifted into the crease behind the cage and third defender Marcus Cunningham was called with an in-and-out after a long possession on defense.On SU’s only man-up, in the fourth quarter, Mariano had a shot blocked and Sergio Salcido turned the ball over. SU head coach John Desko scratched his head after the country’s top man-up unit appeared out of sync.But out of a timeout at 9-8 with 52 seconds on the clock, the Orange locked down to secure the victory. Molloy saved Konen’s attempt at both a tie and sixth goal of the day.Moore with moreBinghamton senior attack Moore, who transferred from Denver to Jacksonville before arriving at Binghamton, scored five goals. He had a hat trick in the first half alone. SU’s best defender, Firman, has held several opposing attackmen to below their season averages. On Saturday, Firman was caught playing help D or simply beat by Moore.In the second, Firman sagged off Moore and turned his body to force him right. The Bearcats’ leading scorer complied, taking a few hard steps right and bouncing in his third goal of the day past Molloy, giving Binghamton a 5-4 lead.It only takes threeIn only his third season at Syracuse, Williams became the program’s all-time faceoff wins holder. At the start of the third quarter, the senior transfer from Holy Cross picked up No. 623 for his career. Williams won only 4-of-13 in the first half, but it’s quite the accomplishment for a guy from Minnesota who was told he’d never make it to a top program such as Syracuse.He entered Saturday 42 for his last 70 at the faceoff X, and he continued his recent success against the Bearcats.He did win the first faceoff of the fourth quarter. He jogged off to enthusiastic applause from both Desko and assistant coach Kevin Donahue, who nodded his head. He gathered the next one on a violation, following Ryan Simmons’ second goal of the day to give SU a one-score lead. Forty seconds later, Jamie Trimboli absorbed a couple of checks to score his second goal of the day to make it 9-7 — enough for the win. Comments Published on April 22, 2017 at 4:17 pm Contact Matthew: [email protected] | @MatthewGut21 Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

Men’s basketball: A recovered D’Mitrik Trice may be Badgers’ best — and final — shot at tournament bid

first_imgUniversity of Wisconsin sophomore D’Mitrik Trice has been absent since Dec. 9 after a right-foot injury ruled the starting point guard out.Now, Trice appears to be nearing a return, following clearance for practice last week.According to Bucky’s 5th Quarter, UW men’s basketball coach Greg Gard said he was unsure as to when Trice could return to action. But Trice’s progress thus far hints that a return could be coming soon.“I’ll visit with our training staff here after practice and see what they’re recommending, where he’s at, how he feels here today after practice,” Gard said. “We haven’t been given a definitive time yet—how soon it will be, how much it will be, when it is when he does get a chance to come back. He is on somewhat of a pitch count here today so we tried to limit it and ease him back in.”Men’s basketball: Badgers to face toughest game this season against MSU SpartansThe University of Wisconsin men’s basketball team is gearing up for a pivotal matchup against the Michigan State Spartans, looking Read…Originally, Trice’s injury timeline was speculated to be at least a month from his surgery in mid-December.  Despite Gard’s non-committal response at a return-date one could assume that Trice will be ready within the coming weeks. But should he play?Since Trice’s injury, the Badgers have gone 6-5, but mostly against subpar competition. The only major conference team they were able to defeat was Illinois last week.With a NCAA tournament bid seeming more and more out of reach, some may believe it would make sense to sit Trice for the remainder of the season to allow more time for the foot to completely heal.While this strategy may prove valid to a team with experienced role players, Wisconsin’s young roster needs all the veteran leadership they can get. Since Trice’s injury, the Badgers have looked unsure on the court, with players often deciding to pass to the star forward Ethan Happ in double coverage rather than looking for or creating better shots.Men’s Basketball: Wisconsin loses big in IowaThe injury-ridden Badgers could not compete against a surging Hawkeye offense Tuesday night in Iowa City. Wisconsin (10-11, 3-5 Big Read…Brad Davison has replaced Trice as the primary ball handler during his 11-game absence.  Over this time, Davison has done his best to distribute the ball, garnering 34 assists.But in doing so, Davison has also turned the ball over 35 times. For comparison, during his 10 games this season, Trice has 23 assists to only 10 turnovers.For a team that has historically prided itself in basketball fundamentals, Davison’s turnovers are simply too high at the point guard position. While the freshman shows great promise for the future, his current role is probably best as an off ball shooter.Even with Wisconsin’s tournament chances appearing bleak, a more experienced facilitator like Trice would help teach a young and impressionable roster how to take care of the basketball going forward.Wisconsin has just entered the bulk of their Big Ten schedule with 10 games still remaining in the regular season. Even if they ran the table in these games, their tournament hopes would still be in question. Still — a slim chance remains if the Badgers are able to get hot, win the Big Ten tournament and receive the automatic bid for March Madness.Badger basketball suffers minor setback during mid-seasonHistorically, University of Wisconsin men’s basketball’s greatest strength has been the program’s ability to recruit and develop dependable four-year players. Read…With this possibility still on the table, Coach Gard should reintegrate Trice as soon as he’s healthy and at least end this season on a positive note.Despite a year of turmoil, the future still looks bright in Madison. Next year will be Ethan Happ’s final season with the team, injured guard Kobe King will be returning and the other young players on the roster will have hopefully progressed in their development.  That being said, Wisconsin has made 19 consecutive NCAA tournaments and Trice’s presence will give them their best shot at continuing that incredible run.Though Trice’s status has not been updated since his return to practice last week, his next opportunity to play would be Thursday, Feb. 1 in Madison.last_img read more