Excuse King figure intermediary too trouble is a liar trick

cheated experience

I in March 27th in the forum to see him do a template, then want to find him a united, he will begin to ask him under said no problem

div+css has played very well. I’m not sure there is no problem for 500


I would say that the king said he had to deal with the king of the intermediary fees too much trouble I do not think the money is not much money to find the king directly into the deposit 251 into his account

begin 2 days sketch and 4 days after delivery.2 days did not call, he said temporarily to the field. To come back in 2 days. I think this can understand. So I waited for 2 days. He has not contacted me. I call him on the phone, he said to me that day template night. Results. Wait until 11 pm. No phone off a dozen. In April 2nd QQ. He gave me a message saying do not. The reason is the template template encryption (in others he said during my own encryption, modify out one. He actually said that others can encrypt the.Div+css template encryption) read more

Product manager, do you know how to find a market entry point

entry point: popular point, is a breakthrough, that is, to solve a problem should be the first place to start.

looking for market entry point, mainly from the market analysis and product positioning two aspects:

followed by an example of how to find the market entry point, select the object: Penguin FM.

1 market analysis

market analysis can be: SWOT analysis, value curve analysis and related market analysis to understand the market situation in three areas.

1) SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis method is used to determine the competitive advantage and disadvantage, opportunity and threat, which will be a scientific analyzing method and strategy of company’s internal resources and external environment organically. – Baidu Encyclopedia read more

Taobao new service allows users to buy Japanese goods directly

Beijing time on June 7th evening news, Alibaba, Japan, said on Tuesday that Alibaba has launched a new service to help Japanese consumer products into the rapidly growing Chinese market.

is located in Tokyo Alibaba.com Japan, said the new service through the online retail website taobao.com China biggest help Japanese consumer products manufacturers China directly into the market, in order to save time and cost.

Taobao CEO Lu Zhaoxi said in a statement: high quality Japanese goods are very popular on Taobao, so we have begun to accept user orders, direct purchase of goods from Japanese manufacturers." read more