Help people to distinguish between the flow of the website of the company ndia venture capital

ShieldSquare is a cloud technology security solutions to provide a start-up company, mainly to help companies differentiate themselves on the site or mobile App applications on the human and non-human traffic.

company was founded in 2013, headquartered in India, Bangalore, the main product is to provide real-time online malicious robot defense services software. This Thursday (October 19th), they announced the acquisition of a risk investment, lead investor is well-known venture capital Venture Highway, in addition Facebook engineering director Vishy Poosala and previously invested in the company of a number of investors are also involved in the investment, but did not disclose the specific amount of financing. read more

Anhui Taobao website of the whole process and publicity methods

should be the requirements of the webmaster. Today, the construction of the Anhui Taobao network station all written down. I believe that people know Anhui Taobao know. Anhui Taobao is created by me after 90 boys. Hey, why am I so many words. I contacted the site two years ago. Because I’m a programmer, so I have to.Net technology and study hard, never thought to do, a chance.

imperceptibly, I think of the website, began to register a domain name, website, of course, will come into contact with such as optimization, promotion, SEO and other information. Because they are programmers, some of the principles may be very clear. I began to position Anhui is the electronic commerce website, Anhui province at last, I put it as a national, because in the process of propaganda, many businesses across the country continue to join, so that I changed the single Anhui idea, because everyone is your customer, the customer is God, the site at the same time, I always follow you: good is not good, customers say well is good, so I don’t pay too much attention to technical problems, if the site is famous, do not delay technology. You have the technology to do better, no one is to open a shop. read more

Hi tell you want fun interactive marketing only one step

so-called interaction, is that the two sides move each other. In interactive marketing. Both sides of the interaction is the consumer, one is the enterprise. Only by grasping the common interests and finding the right time and method of communication can the two sides combine closely.

interactivity is the key to the development of interactive marketing, in the marketing of enterprises, more information should be integrated into the target audience interested in the content. Reply to the message of the fans, the fans feel the mind, but also to arouse the emotional identity of fans. Interactive marketing is mainly through the Internet users reply activities, directly or indirectly to a product produced a positive or negative evaluation. read more

16 billion 800 million can not save music as we are not too harsh Jia Yueting

in January 16th, has long been suspended LETV finally through the 16 billion 800 million financing strategy of Dongfeng shares resume trading, however Gaokaidizou remains is a limit, the capital market with the roller coaster joke let Jia Yueting become a "false step stop", at a cost of 15 billion big investment LETV financial record China is plunged 8% that became a "hit China" at the same time, titanium media founder Zhao Hejuan also questioned the group again, LETV financing does not solve the fundamental problem, said LETV deadly vital, crazy transactions. read more

Must ask the construction of the new site before

(1) you want to clear your service object

(2) what do they need?

(3) similar sites have provided what?

(4) do you think you can do better than them?

(5) do you have resources in this area? If not, how to get?

(6) if you don’t get these resources, OK, stop

(7) if you are sure you can get these resources, the following should consider the technical issues

In the case of

(8) non profitable, can you afford the technical cost and server bandwidth of 1-3?

(9) site security can be guaranteed? read more

Online video advertising service provider TubeMogul million investment

online video advertising service provider TubeMogul website

  Beijing on October 9th news, according to foreign media reports, online video advertising and analysis service provider TubeMogul announced on Friday that the company $10 million in the second round of financing, bringing the company’s total financing reached $15 million.

TubeMogul said that the second round of financing initiated by Foundation Capital, the investor also includes the Bridge Ventures and Knights Capital Partners (Trinity) previously involved in the financing. Trinity Ventures partner Azia · Chopra (Ajay Chopra) said in a statement: "since its inception, TubeMogul revenue growth at an annual rate of 300%, and the company’s capital utilization efficiency is very high." read more

Excuse King figure intermediary too trouble is a liar trick

cheated experience

I in March 27th in the forum to see him do a template, then want to find him a united, he will begin to ask him under said no problem

div+css has played very well. I’m not sure there is no problem for 500


I would say that the king said he had to deal with the king of the intermediary fees too much trouble I do not think the money is not much money to find the king directly into the deposit 251 into his account

begin 2 days sketch and 4 days after delivery.2 days did not call, he said temporarily to the field. To come back in 2 days. I think this can understand. So I waited for 2 days. He has not contacted me. I call him on the phone, he said to me that day template night. Results. Wait until 11 pm. No phone off a dozen. In April 2nd QQ. He gave me a message saying do not. The reason is the template template encryption (in others he said during my own encryption, modify out one. He actually said that others can encrypt the.Div+css template encryption) read more

Make the broken network Wu Hongsheng leave Tencent still unruly teenagers


technology reporter Zhou Xuedie editor | Tracy

in a noisy cafe, wearing a vest, shorts and flip flops Wu Hongsheng are playing mobile phone, waiting to talk with his new media venture project "onion". If no one deliberately introduced, most people would put him as a right to the cafe because of who the unruly teenagers.


can be born 85 years young the price to 40 million yuan in 2011, to make the country off the network company DNSpod sold to Tencent, this is not a big deal but shaking heaven and earth, enough to give his Internet career left a thick and heavy in colours. read more

Chen Xuejun the industry’s annual revenue of 50 million is not the ceiling

The development of

B2B industry website will be Chinese Internet a revolutionary milepost, it will make the Internet completely remove Chinese entertainment hat, let more medium and small businesses into the Internet, and other national enterprises to participate in international competition. Today, B2B is looking for more blue ocean, which is the best catalyst for change".

But in the past thousands of Chinese

industry website in addition to Hi2000 listed, there are generally "survival and development is difficult, no problem is far off the embarrassing situation, China e-commerce research center analyst Zhang Zhouping said. Even the chairman of the board of directors Guo Fansheng previously publicly in Hangzhou said, "industry websites like climbing fly in the glass, there is light, no future", this is controversial, and once caused more than half of the industry website industry wide hot. read more

Site navigation across 2 times witmap ice water

earlier this year, Google acquisition navigation site, and earlier, Baidu’s acquisition of hao123’s home. With the search engine vertical search development and the promotion of SEO optimization, but also makes the majority of Internet users to further the application of personalized Internet and the direction of the public.

The arrival of the era of

Web2.0, the emergence of RSS and the extensive application of dynamic pages, does bring great convenience and satisfaction. One of the most popular features in Web 2 is the rise of blogs. Blog is a personal diary form ", but as Rich Sgruta (Rich Skrenta) pointed out, the blog chronological structure" looks like a change not worth mentioning, but it drives a totally different distribution, advertising and value chain." read more