Outsourcing in the growth of entrepreneurial firms

in an article on the VentureBeat, how the growth of start-up companies through the task outsourcing, thereby improving product development and reduce the risk of expansion of enterprise personnel, an interesting interpretation. In particular, the need to avoid risks, to provide you with five recommendations. (translator)

a few months ago, there was a telephone conversation with the boss of a SEO agent. She wants to find someone to help her users build up the chain. I immediately told her that there are a number of overseas companies and individuals to provide such services. Through a number of online outsourcing platform can successfully find. Her response was a shock, "it’s crazy to outsource overseas," but our world today is going on, every day and every night. Through this stage outsourcing, outsourcing companies, not only quickly into the development of new products, and these provide outsourcing services team is likely to have higher professional than hiring employees. read more

A domain agent urged users do not pay to change agent solution

In this paper,

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      today "domain agent urged users do not pay to change agent", think too much now this kind of unscrupulous agents, there are so many webmaster brothers suffer. Here, one method to deal with the unscrupulous agents say to you.

      1, find the domain name agent

      in order to avoid this situation, when looking for agents in your domain name, to find a free (free transfer) membership number and registrar domain agents, see, ask the Agency registration under the terms of service, etc.. read more

Dong Mingzhu CCTV sell Meng, pay attention to their own channels of GREE for the double 12 embrace J

recently, with Dong Mingzhu and Liu Qiangdong for commercials aired on CCTV, the cartoon image of the Oriental TV primetime, triggered a circle hot. The commercials with popular Meng Meng Da comes with the topic attribute Dong Mingzhu and Liu Qiangdong two people for the first time to appear on the screen. In addition, as the home appliance giant GREE electric, Jingdong and business tycoon behind a sister and a brother, this time to the information revealed also extraordinary upcoming double 12, Lenovo again Shopping Festival, behind this information revealed something more interesting. read more

A simple web page can not improve sales

Jacob Nielson reports that today’s Internet users are becoming more and more impatient when shopping online. People will no longer go to the home page of the site or by category to find the contents of this product and user evaluation, but mainly through the rapid Google search. If the user can’t find what they want, they will leave.

has a profile page that allows users to quickly find what they want is very important, especially when you are selling goods. If your web page is filled with useless articles, gadgets, and unrelated items, the page becomes meaningless. However, it has become a common practice to make web pages more complex, and e-commerce sites have adopted a "scattering" approach designed to provide as many options as possible to all potential buyers. Each web page no longer makes it only a commodity, but is filled with a lot of irrelevant information, advertising and related goods. read more

Darunfa Chairman Flying Cow net loss of 175 million is not a problem

on-line flying cow network this business platform, leading enterprises in the domestic retail Darunfa "stubborn running". RT parent Gao Xin retail days ago released 2015 annual financial results announcement, Gao Xin last year, retail sales 96 billion 414 million yuan, an increase of 5%, net profit attributable to shareholders of 2 billion 443 million yuan, representing an annual reduction of 456 million yuan, down 15.7%, ending eight years of continuous growth momentum of the company. In recent years, for the first time in response to the decline in performance, Darunfa Chinese chairman, flying cow network CEO Huang Mingduan told the Beijing Business Daily reporter interviewed last year, business losses of 175 million yuan is not a problem. read more

Wang Junyu entrepreneurship is a way to prove faith

college entrance exam, Beijing University student, Google product manager is Wang Junyu’s past. No matter how others see, as long as he did the minimum fresh products of righteousness.


| Zheng Jiangbo

did not want to leave Google so much, the opportunity to move the Internet only once, turn back to say things." Wang Junyu a look wordless, honest, never mind the lack of. Three he had walked, but he felt not experienced the entrance of life will regret, then walked up and took part in the college entrance examination, even inadvertently in Guangdong province college entrance exam. For example, for the majority of college graduates choose to stay in Beijing, Beijing Hukou are welcome, some even sign similar to the "contract" of the general contract. In this regard, Wang Junyu also chose to give up, if you continue to stay in Google, he can get Beijing account. read more

Chinese version of Fab Design + Flash purchase mode alternative gameplay

only sells Taobao to buy things, which makes Chinese Fab have with other electricity providers many different even opposite characteristics: they are mainly through social media advertising not find their users, not the number of users but they are loyal fans, they repeat purchase rate of people envy, products less let their users more love through the purchase of mobile App.


/ M soared

Fab is a gay social networking site started, but they also realized that there is no prospect of this, so began a thorough transformation of the road – doing the design of the field of the amazon". After the transformation of Fab on June 9, 2011 formally launched, and soon entered the high-speed growth phase. At that time on-line 12 days, sales reached $60 thousand. After 5 months, more than 1 million registered members. Today, the number of Fab users has grown to 14 million. Last year, Fab revenue of more than $150 million this year, is expected to exceed $250 million. From February the company released data, its sales from January 2012 to January 2013, an increase of nearly 300%. read more

Dangdang regulations to Beijing to be sentenced to unequal treaties

Provisions "format clause

[review] dangdang.com all disputes must be resolved to Beijing". The day before, Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court on dangdang.com together jurisdiction objection made a final ruling, that substantial inequality damages the lawful action of consumers, that dangdang.com jurisdiction clause is invalid.

Information Times News (reporter Wei Huihui correspondent Liu Kan Yang Xiaomei) online shopping has become one of the most important modern consumption patterns, many network operators registered users in the consumer link, advance in the format of the contract set in the jurisdiction clause, the terms of the format dangdang.com provisions "all disputes must be resolved to Beijing". The day before, Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court on dangdang.com together jurisdiction objection made a final ruling, that substantial inequality damages the lawful action of consumers, that dangdang.com jurisdiction clause is invalid. read more

How do the traditional enterprises make great value marketing

with the influx of a large number of traditional companies into the Internet, the competition is particularly fierce in various industries, the flow of less and less money to spend more and more expensive traffic. Faced with this situation, how can the traditional enterprises find their rational way to embrace the Internet? Ghost would like to introduce a seldom mentioned marketing – marketing news. Just imagine, if you can get with money to venture bidding Sina, Sohu, etc. these big portals to your business do an interview with a few period, whether it is to enhance the visibility of products or sales effect will be much better. read more

Hammer conference private notes – recommended to engage in sales and marketing friends to read


/ Vice President Xu Ming Wei

yesterday made a sentence without rhyme or reason "if I don’t buy a hammer, I’m sorry luo." This evening to Anfu road Drama Center opposite Marion coffee, have a cup of tea, open the computer, talk to explain exactly why I want to buy a hammer.

layman watch, experts see road. As a person engaged in sales work, naturally depends on how he conducted a product demonstration, fortunately, this hammer phone conference called classic. Friends joked to hear a "dialogue", this is not a simple tease fun comic, the crosstalk is carefully planned, organized, where is the baggage, where there is applause, where to pause, where should sell who have been very precise design. He is a genius, he for selling products and packaging, to grasp the needs of the user, are called the world’s level, the audience for the control of company values interpretation depends on this point, he won my respect from the bottom of my heart, I think I have to buy a hammer. read more