first_imgA Ramelton woman is launching a unique appeal to help people less well-off than herself.Myrtle Doherty is launching her annual appeal for nappies, clothes, toiletries and medication for the Vesnova orphanage in Belarus.This collection is done on behalf of the Chernobyl Kilkenny Outreach Group who do fantastic work in the Belarus. There are more than 170 children in this orphanage and conditions are not ideal by any means but have improved considerably with the help of lots of volunteers and groups.Some of the goods gathered by Myrtle during last year’s collection.Last year the group sent 20,000 nappies and a large consignment of clothes, shoes, toiletries, toys, play equipment and vital medications from Donegal.If anyone would like to donate to this appeal, please call Myrtle on 0876825387 or 0749151671.  RAMELTON WOMAN LAUNCHES APPEAL TO HELP ORPHANAGE was last modified: March 11th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:aidcollectiondonegalMyrtle DohertyRameltonlast_img read more

Stephen Curry: “I never want to have a reality show of my life”

first_imgOAKLAND – Unlike the Kardashians, Simon Cowell and Donald Trump, Warriors star Stephen Curry has vowed not to break this self-imposed rule.“I never want to have a reality show of my life,” Curry told Bay Area News Group.So when he weighed his latest venture with Facebook Watch, Curry admitted feeling “very skeptical” on agreeing to the project. He only did so once he realized this could be another platform to highlight his storied NBA career, while also promoting his Christian faith and …last_img read more

The Best Science Follows Design

first_imgSir Francis Bacon emphasized that you will know good science by its fruits. Here are good examples of fruitful research that took inspiration from nature’s designs.Chameleon SmartphonesCredit: Bernard Gagnon.Chameleon-inspired nanolaser changes colors (Science Daily). How do chameleons change colors? The answer: by shifting the spacing of nanocrystals on their skin. Can you think of any human technologies that need to do that? How about TVs and smartphones? Using this principle, researchers at Northwestern University first had to research how this is done in the lizards.“Chameleons can easily change their colors by controlling the spacing among the nanocrystals on their skin, which determines the color we observe,” said Teri W. Odom, Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor of Chemistry in Northwestern’s Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. “This coloring based on surface structure is chemically stable and robust.“Good science led to good fruit. Using the same principle, “the Northwestern team’s laser exploits periodic arrays of metal nanoparticles on a stretchable, polymer matrix,” allowing them to change the emitted color at will. “The work could open the door for advances in flexible optical displays in smartphones and televisions, wearable photonic devices and ultra-sensitive sensors that measure strain.”Diatoms (Mark Armitage)Diatom NanotechnologySingle-celled architects inspire new nanotechnology (Science Daily). A quarter of the oxygen we breathe comes from “microscopic, jewel-like products of nature” called diatoms. You can find these microscopic jewels in oceans, lakes, rivers, and soils. Inspiration from their beautiful designs began in the 18th century. That led to curiosity, which led to good science. Researchers found out amazing things, all the way from their chemistry and microstructure to their ecological role for the whole biosphere.Through their respiration, they produce close to a quarter of the oxygen on earth, nearly as much as the world’s tropical forests. In addition to their ecological success across the planet, they have a number of remarkable properties. Diatoms live in glasslike homes of their own design, visible under magnification in an astonishing and aesthetically beautiful range of forms….Scientists have found that the silica architectures of diatoms are not only inspiringly elegant but exceptionally tough. Indeed, the silica exoskeletons enveloping diatoms have the highest specific strength of any biologically produced material, including bone, antlers, and teeth.The scientific discoveries, in turn, inspired good fruit. Wanting to mimic these properties, researchers in Arizona and Shanghai have “designed a range of diatom-like nanostructures.” This article uses the word “inspire” five times.Insect Wing DronesAn insect-inspired drone deforms upon impact (Science Daily). Drone owners understand the deep moan when watching their expensive toy crash. Insects seem to withstand impacts; what gives? The insect wing gives, that’s what. The origami-like structure in insect wings can fold and absorb blows. Japanese engineers put that kind of flexibility into joints in their insect-wing-inspired drones, and found that they survive much better. “This new type of drone, which was inspired by insect wings, draws on the advantages of both stiff and flexible structures.”Biological Light What is bioluminescence and how is it used by humans and in nature? (The Conversation). Cardiff University researcher Catrin Williams tells about some of the many organisms that generate light in nature. In her opening paragraphs, she pretends to know more than Darwin:Bioluminescence, the production and emission of light by living organisms, became a sticking point for Darwin. He struggled to explain why this phenomenon appeared in separate species in a seemingly random fashion. We now know, however, that bioluminescence has evolved independently at least 40 times on land and in the sea.Always be on the lookout when you hear a scientist say “we now know,” because you may be in for a bluffing exhibition. This one is a doozy. Rather than admitting the misfit with Darwin’s theory and the evidence, she leaps into belief in 40 evolutionary miracles! The facts that Williams shares need no help from Darwin.An embedded video shows how millions of “sea sparkle” plankton light up when disturbed by people throwing rocks into the sea or walking out into the water. Williams next tells how nature’s design has inspired imitations and uses all the way through human history, culminating in today’s “green energy” inventions and the green fluorescent protein from jellyfish that has revolutionized biomedicine and won its discoverers a Nobel Prize.Please don’t choke on Williams’ final sentence: “The evolutionary process that culminated in bioluminescence may have taken million of years, but its scientific applications continue to revolutionise our modern world,” she says, presumptuously assuming her hearers are Darwin DODOs, too. “Remember that, the next time you see the sea sparkle.” Wouldn’t you rather remember the Creator of these wonders? The Bible has much to say about light, starting from “Let there be light” as God’s first creative act, to Christ the Light of the World glorified in the light of the eternal heaven. In His light and works, we see the light in science. Good science takes inspiration from the Creator’s designs, and turns them into creative applications to show love to fellow humans. Remember, it was Jesus Christ who told the disciples that you would know good teachers by their fruits. That phrase is what inspired Francis Bacon to distinguish good science from bad. (Visited 395 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

UPDATE: Are You Facebook’s Ad Poster Child? Exploring Acceptable Use

first_imgdana oshiro According to Download Squad, four days ago Cheryl Smith’s picture appeared next to a Facebook ad targeted towards her husband. The copy was not only inaccurate, but a little disturbing, “Hey Peter, Hot singles are waiting for you.” As far as we know the Smiths are not into kinky role play and Facebook has not built an amazing new relationship compatibility algorithm. In actuality, Cheryl is the unfortunate victim of the fact that Facebook Facebook’s 3rd party application developers have used our mugs to advertise to our friends. Smith offered the following directions on how to change your photo settings in her blog. She suggests going to Settings >> Privacy >> News Feed and Wall >> Facebook Ads and then making sure “No one” is selected. Tags:#Facebook#web Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Related Posts This is not the first time this week that individuals have seen their social media-related identities hijacked for advertising purposes. Crunchgear recently reported a slew of tweets linking to phishing sites. Essentially a bot account has been pushing out fake retweets from celebrities in the hopes that loyal fans will see the [email protected]’s and [email protected]’s and make the mistake of clicking through. While on the one hand it’s incredibly flattering that your endorsement of a product might actually influence others’ beliefs and attitudes. It’s probably best to monitor your identities to ensure that your good reputation remains in tact. And if you don’t mind endorsing products in your profiles, you might as well get paid for it through a service like Magpie or Izea. UPDATE: After publishing this article, we received a note from Facebook representative Annie Ta saying, “Basically, any ads you currently see doing this are coming from third-party ad networks and are only running within the canvas page of an application, which is controlled by third party developers rather than Facebook. We constantly review our policies to ensure that these third-party ads meet the expectations we have for user experience.” Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

BJP panel gives clean chit to party leaders in Leh bribery case

first_imgJammu and Kashmir BJP president Ravinder Raina and two other senior leaders were given clean chits by the party’s internal fact-finding commission in the alleged case of offering bribes to journalists in Leh to influence the recently held parliamentary polls in Ladakh.“The BJP leaders have not done anything wrong and whatever charges have been levelled against them are totally false and baseless,” the three-member commission headed by Justice (retd) G.D. Sharma said in its report, released by the party here on Thursday.The State unit of the Congress, however, rejected the probe and termed it an attempt by the party to influence police investigation.The commission was constituted last month on the directions of BJP national president Amit Shah.The commission, whose other members include former IGP S.S. Bijral as member and Pallav Sharma as member-secretary, has given clean chits to Mr. Raina, State party general secretary Narinder Singh and MLC Vikram Randhawa as it found that they did not, in any manner, whatsoever, misconducted themselves to seek favour in any form.On May 4, the Press Club, Leh, had accused the BJP of trying to bribe its members by offering “envelopes filled with money” after a press conference on May 2, a charge denied by the party which had said allegations were “politically motivated”.Statements recordedThe commission said it recorded statements of journalists, persons associated with the Press Club, local leaders and examined CCTV footage besides recording the statement of the accused BJP leaders.The commission said it was established beyond any manner of doubt that the allegations of giving bribe by the MLC in the presence of Mr. Raina, Mr. Singh and district president, Leh, Dorje Angchuk is the result of afterthought and forms a part of criminal conspiracy as defined under Section 120-A of RPC.“The proof of giving or accepting illegal gratification is the raison d’etre of the offence of bribery, which ingredient is missing in this case,” the commission said.The police had on May 9 registered an FIR against the BJP leaders in connection with bribe allegations on the directions of the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Leh.last_img read more