Motor Oil Poured On Kerala HC Judge’s Vehicle; Bar Council Of Kerala Condemns Attack As ‘Totally Unjustifiable’

first_imgNews UpdatesMotor Oil Poured On Kerala HC Judge’s Vehicle; Bar Council Of Kerala Condemns Attack As ‘Totally Unjustifiable’ LIVELAW NEWS NETWORK3 Feb 2021 4:30 AMShare This – xA man threw motor oil at the official vehicle in which Kerala High Court judge Justice V Shircy was traveling today morning at the entrance of the High Court.The attacker was identified as Raghunathan Nair of Erumeli, who was reportedly holding a protest near the High Court with a placard against the delay in solving the case of missing of Jasna Maria James,a college student, who went missing…Your free access to Live Law has expiredTo read the article, get a premium account.Your Subscription Supports Independent JournalismSubscription starts from ₹ 599+GST (For 6 Months)View PlansPremium account gives you:Unlimited access to Live Law Archives, Weekly/Monthly Digest, Exclusive Notifications, Comments.Reading experience of Ad Free Version, Petition Copies, Judgement/Order Copies.Subscribe NowAlready a subscriber?LoginA man threw motor oil at the official vehicle in which Kerala High Court judge Justice V Shircy was traveling today morning at the entrance of the High Court.The attacker was identified as Raghunathan Nair of Erumeli, who was reportedly holding a protest near the High Court with a placard against the delay in solving the case of missing of Jasna Maria James,a college student, who went missing 3 years ago.Soon after the incident, the Police took the attacker into custody.The Bar Council of Kerala condemned the attack as “totally unjustifiable”.”Attacks against judges are totally unjustifiable and should be dealt with strongly. It is an assault on the rule of law”, the BCK Chairman Advocate KP Jayachandran said in a press release.The BCK also demanded swift police investigation in the matter to punish the attacker in accordance with law.”Attacks against judges totally unjustifiable. It is an assault on the rule of law”, Bar Council of Kerala condemns the act of a man pouring motor oil on the official vehicle in which Kerala High Court judge Justice V Shircy was travelling.BCK demands swift police investigation— Live Law (@LiveLawIndia) February 3, 2021 Subscribe to LiveLaw, enjoy Ad free version and other unlimited features, just INR 599 Click here to Subscribe. All payment options available.loading….Next Storylast_img read more

Traffic Stop Nets Seizure Of Drugs, Shotgun; Trio Arrested

first_imgJAMESTOWN – Jamestown Police say three people are charged following a traffic stop that resulted in the seizure of drugs and a shotgun Thursday evening on West Seventh Street at Monroe Street. Police say they originally stopped the vehicle, driven by Robert Mosley, 25, for a traffic violation. Two passengers, Walter S. Dupree, 36, and Bradley M. McKay, 25, were also in the vehicle.Police say they seized 15.4 grams of marijuana, seven grams of heroin and the loaded modified shotgun. Mosley is charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon.Dupree is charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of marijuana. McKay is charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a controlled substance. All three were taken to the Jamestown City Jail where they are awaiting arraignment. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Claims of NDP Government not rebuilding Forest Industry ludicrous, says Parliamentary Secretary

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Yesterday, September 17, the Provincial Government announced that it would be investing $69 million to support forest workers impacted by mill closures and curtailments.Following the announcement, Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Forests, Ravi Kahlon, is on tour meeting with community leaders, workers, and contractors to provide more details on the provincial investment.Lately, the B.C. Liberals have been critical towards the NDP claiming that the Government has no interest in rebuilding the forest industry.- Advertisement -Kahlon says the Liberal’s claim is ludicrous as they would have seen a report from 2015 that commissioned the closure of 13 mills.He says the Liberals could have informed workers of this plan in order for them to prepare, instead of burying it and dealing with the issue now.“I would say that’s ludicrous. In 2015, the B.C. Liberals, many of the ministers, would’ve seen the report that they had commissioned that said that there was going to be 13 mills closed. Imagine if that report had been made public at that time, instead of being buried, communities, workers, and families would’ve had time to prepare for this outcome. Instead, we’re dealing with it as it comes.”Advertisement The B.C. Council of Forest Industries had also released their own plan to help out the forest industry, and Kahlon feels that there are a lot of good points made within their plan to fix the ailing industry.Kahlon says the Provincial Government will continue to talk with communities and workers to create a solution for the long term.last_img read more

Two Tottenham Hotspur stars make the top 10 FIFA 19 defenders, but who else is in?

first_imgTottenham Hotspur have two players ranked in the top 10 defenders of the new FIFA 19.Despite the current woes of Mauricio Pochettino’s side, EA Sports consider Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld to be two of the best defenders in world football. DROPPED No. 6 – Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham Hotspur) Reality Check WHAT A SIGNING 11 FIFA 20 career mode: New features and possible highest potential players No. 3 – Mats Hummels (Bayern Munich) No. 9 – Miranda (Inter Milan) FIFA 19: Burnley, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Watford stars make TOTW 24 11 No.5 Diego Godin (Atletico Madrid) FIFA 19: Manchester United, Newcastle and Chelsea stars make TOTW No.1 – Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus) Latest FIFA 19 News CHANGE 11 in-form stars One player from every Premier League club who deserves a FIFA 20 downgrade 11 One player from every Premier League club who deserves an upgraded rating on FIFA 20 No. 4 – Andrea Barzagli (Juventus) No. 2 – Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) STATS NO GOOD 11 11 Griezmann signs Pogba on FIFA and jokes the kit looks good on him No.8 – Thiago Silva (Paris Saint-Germain) Already, talkSPORT have revealed just who are the quickest players, the best free-kick takers and the best passers in this year’s edition of the FIFA instalment.But just who are the best defenders?As crucial as scoring goals is on the game, when you switch to ‘Park The Bus’ mode you need to know you can really on your men at the back.Scroll down to see the top 10 defenders in FIFA 19. Vertonghen and Alderweireld are two of the best defender in FIFA 19 11 11 IN FORM STARS 11 No. 7 – Samuel Umtiti (Barcelona) 11 11 Ronaldo removed from cover of FIFA 19 and replaced by De Bruyne, Neymar and Dybala No. 10 – Toby Alderweireld (Tottenham Hotspur)last_img read more

Plants Have Social Networks

first_imgPlants may be mostly stationary, but they have connections.  They are so well connected, in fact, that they have both intranets, extranets and internets.  Inside their own vessels, they communicate with proteins and RNA molecules from root to shoot (04/23/2010); outside, they have many social relationships with other organisms.  They even “friend” their partners, just like humans do on Facebook.    Ferris Jabr wrote about plant communication on New Scientist this week.  “The botanical underground is a social network of powerful alliances and nepotism,” the article began.  “Decoding its messages could lead to radical change in farms and forests.”  Jabr wrote in terms of Darwinian competition, survival, antagonism, defense and kin selection, but the story is really about amazing mechanisms plants employ to communicate. We’ve known for some time that plants respond to one another, but only now are we realising how subtle and sophisticated their interactions can be.  Plants continually eavesdrop on each other’s chemical chatter – sometimes sympathetically, sometimes selfishly.  Some plants, like the Scandinavian rhododendron, assist their neighbours by sharing resources.  Others recognise close relatives and favour them over strangers.  And at least one parasitic plant homes in on its host’s telltale chemical scent….    “Plants don’t go out to parties or to watch the movies, but they do have a social network,” says Suzanne Simard, a forest ecologist at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  “They support each other and they fight with each other.  The more we look at plant signalling and communication, the more we learn.  It’s really incredible.”Attributing selfishness or pugnacity to plants is, of course, an unjustified anthropomorphism.  Without eyes, ears or brains, plants have uncanny abilities to send signals and respond to them.  Some of these, Jabr described in the article, are volatile compounds wafted through the air.  Even more amazing, though, are highways of fungal filaments in the soil that can relay messages and nutrients from plant to plant:Beneath the forest floor, each spoonful of dirt contains millions of tiny organisms.  These bacteria and fungi form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, helping their hosts absorb water and vital elements like nitrogen in return for a steady supply of nutrients.    Now closer inspection has revealed that fungal threads physically unite the roots of dozens of trees, often of different species, into a single mycorrhizal network.  These webs sprawled beneath our feet are genuine social networks.Through these fungal highways, plants share not only nutrients, but information, Jabr said.  “When a caterpillar starts to munch on a tomato plant, for example, the leaves produce noxious compounds that both repel the attacker and stimulate neighbouring plants to ready their own defences.”  Plants recognize their own species and work together for the common good.  But plants are also within communities of diverse organisms that benefit from each other’s contributions to the community.    We can’t yet speak the language of plants, but we know they speak through codes made of “soluble compounds including phenols, flavonoids, sugars, organic acids, amino acids and proteins, secreted by roots into the rhizosphere.”  Even though “How these indicate relatedness is still a mystery,” a practical application would be for farmers to plant crops with the plants’ “friends” – “the strategic positioning of different crops or garden plants so they benefit one another by deterring pests, attracting pollinators and improving nutrient uptake.”  In other words, instead of planting pesticide-drenched monoculture crops, they could go back to methods of Native Americans, who used such techniques for centuries.Did these capabilities evolve slowly over millions of years?  Darwin’s “abominable mystery” – the emergence of flowering plants, the largest and most diverse group of plants on earth – was dealt another blow this week.  Beautiful, detailed leaves that look like they were pressed in a book were found exquisitely preserved in the Jehol strata in China, reported New Scientist.  Being dated at 123 million years old puts an advanced angiosperm “roughly contemporary with the ancestors of all flowering plants around today.”    Reporter Colin Barras claimed that “Flowering plants had an evolutionary edge over the conifers and other gymnosperms that were around at the time, and rapidly took over.”  The problem with such explanations, though, is not the survival of the fittest, but the arrival of the fittest.  Even assuming their own timeline, evolutionists have no explanation for how complex plants, communications networks and all, seemed to appear abruptly, fully formed, without ancestors.Darwinism is the hacker in the social network, the malware among people just wanting to share good news.(Visited 36 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Youth vlog the South African story

first_imgA camera, an internet connection and a desire to be in front of the camera is all you need to begin vlogging. (Image:Tamur Madjerey).• Caspar Lee, South Africa’s 20-year-old YouTube millionaire • South Africa drives Africa’s internet traffic • Mobile phone boost to African internet • South Africa online • SA web users to double by 2014 Sulaiman PhilipVlog (noun): A blog in which the postings are primarily in video form. Since 2011 it has been a point-scoring word in Scrabble. The South African vlogging population is growing. Slowly. But it is giving South Africans, mostly young, an opportunity to share their world with the universe.There are older South African vloggers, says Gabriel Erasmus, but the majority tend to be younger. Erasmus is the creator of the website and a member of the South African Facebook vlogging group. “Age is not a factor. If you have a camera, internet connection, a love for filmmaking or just love being in front of a camera you are sorted,” he continues.These young, and young at heart, South Africans are in the vanguard of an internet movement that has been growing over the past decade. It is the evolution from the ubiquitous bloggers, and involves the uploading of personal video clips of everything from beauty and fashion tips to raging about language and homesickness.Henri Himschoot was one of the first South African vloggers. The Cape Town musician began his The Himschoots vlog in 2010. A period of inactivity that lasted for a few years came to an end when he discovered the YouTube South Africa Facebook group. When he joined in April 2014, there were 80 members; there are now 291 and the number grows daily. “The community is extremely diverse, but you have to get to know us and understand how we all fit together to make one big happy South African family. Not one of us competes with the other, we all support each other and that’s what makes us succeed.” Communication toolRuben Mostert was the shy kid at school who had trouble making friends. Vlogging became his outlet and means of communicating with others. The longer he vlogged the more confident and comfortable he became in his own skin. “The best of all, my personality in front of the camera has evolved into my daily life. Why do I like vlogging? You can escape the real world with all the bad things going on and create your own world and share it. Call it my fantasy world if you want.”Author Michael Kaminsky traces the birth of vlogging to 2000 and Adam Kontras’s dream of a Hollywood career. Driving across the United States, he posted a video to accompany the blog of his trip. By 2008, vlogging helped elect an American president.’s Yes We Can used a speech by candidate Barack Obama to create a powerful vlog viewed more than 25 million’s vlog is slick and professional, but the popularity of vlogging is down largely to the ease with which people can shoot and upload videos. “To start you don’t need fancy equipment or expensive software. You can start with a smartphone and the basic video editing software that comes pre-installed with all major operating systems. All the skills needed are even taught in schools nowadays. In the end good content exceeds the need for expensive equipment and fancy editing.” Global online communityVlogs are part of a larger online movement that has given birth to online global communities. These communities are built on the idea that users are not docile recipients of content but are actively shaping their experience.Vlogger Kristen van Niekerk believes that technology is changing the way we communicate. The world has moved from writing letters to sending emails; phone calls have been replaced by video calls. “Writing is still the basis of all communication and won’t be replaced by video, but video does improve how we communicate. Our education system should adapt to technological advances, offer to teach skills to those who want to learn. Not everyone wants a life filled with technology, but the choice should be available.”YouTube has grown from its first video in 2005 to become a repository of videos of cute kittens, conspiracy theories and a new kind of entrepreneur. It is a hub of raw, soon to be discovered talent, a place that allows for experimentation and creativity that is changing the way traditional media interact with audiences.YouTube vlogger Michelle Phan has over 700 million views of her personal channel, a makeup demonstration channel that grew from a blog. That is as many people who turn on their TVs to watch the World Cup, all of whom want to watch a 27-year-old teach them how to apply lipstick like Miley Cyrus.In a 2012 MacTaggart lecture, media and TV executive Elisabeth Murdoch pointed out that YouTube was beginning to behave like a market leader. “Believe at your own risk that the platform is based on homemade videos of cats in washing machines… Brands and talent are using YouTube to create direct-to-consumer relationships.”Vloggers had developed a new way of creating content and interacting with an audience, which made them attractive to companies. The history of vlogging is full of stories of products mentioned on popular channels that sell out within days, if not hours. South African vloggersSouth Africa vloggers do not generate that kind of hysteria or have the fan base to do that, just yet. Sara Mormino, a director at YouTube, in an interview with the Guardian newspaper explained the attraction of vloggers to companies. She began by explaining that the earning capacity of English vloggers had increased by 60% in 2013, in large part thanks to mobile phones. “These young people have really captured a new way of creating content and a new way of engaging an audience.”South African vlogger Rachel Kopel says even YouTube stars never began vlogging intending to make money or become famous. She has been producing content for three years and believes that she is still learning to create great content. She does it because she is passionate about her topic and wants to share her opinions with the world. “We are living in a very self-absorbed generation, where everyone is taking selfies and promoting themselves. YouTube is a way of promoting yourself and creating a name and reputation for yourself. You must just hope that you are doing it for the right reasons.”As South Africa’s connectivity speeds increase and software becomes more accessible, the number of South Africans going online will increase. As we mature as technology users, how South Africans use the web will change. We will begin looking for more individual experiences or communities that share our interests. South African vloggers are building a collective memory bank to share about the South African experience.Being criticised, earning support, the frustrations of dealing with South African upload speeds, getting views, even making bloopers, are part of the adventure, say Marco and Elmar, who vlog as ThoseBroz. “You find a community that allows you to express yourself and where you can paint a picture of who you are, and share it with the world. The journey from your first video, straight up to your 20th-plus video, is simply one of the most amazing adventures any person can take,” they explain.last_img read more

Qfitt Wig Cap In Sheer : The product came before the expected date and it fits

first_imgArrived a day prior to believed shipping and delivery timegood size, if a very small little bit on the tiny side, but i have pretty long and very thick curly hair so need to normally be a very good in shape :).This wig healthy any size head, comfy, will never shift close to on your head and essentially an all spherical fantastic product or service.Qfitt Wig Cap In Sheer Black. 2pcsStocking Wig Cap In Sheer Black. 2Pcs. Genuine Product From Fab4hairnbeautyCap Size—Fits AllGreat VentilationYour Natural Hair Is ProtectedUnisex. Made In UsaWonderful – as explained and i have used them so am pleased.Very good substance and easy to fit.Quick delivery , good material, fits nicely, thank you.Qfitt Wig Cap In Sheer Black. 2pcs : Good quality and exactly what i was looking for. The product or service arrived right before the anticipated date and it suits. The merchandise arrived before the anticipated date and it matches well. Now all i have to do is hold out for my black wig to appear.Other than that anything was superior. I acquired a pack of two but only just one product was inside, other than that all the things was very good.This is a genuinely great good quality wig cap. Matches genuinely good and tightly while not too tight. While it is a little bit thick so it could get very warm, just anything to be aware of.I was hunting for a thicker cap.Outstanding notion genuinely labored well.last_img read more

Turks and Caicos makes the grade fiscally set to get 16 million

first_img Recommended for you TCI European Union money could be lost due to UK referendum on membership Related Items:European Union Development Fund, Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability, washington misick Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 28 May 2015 – The outstanding accolades keep on coming in and this time the Turks and Caicos may see its credit rating significantly upgraded after a Standard and Poor’s review due in the next few weeks. The Minister of Finance, Washington Misick said the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability or PEFA assessment result came in on Wednesday and shows that the Turks and Caicos has rated very, very well. “The timing of this announcement could not be better in bolstering our nation’s rapidly improving financial reputation,” said the Minister of Finance and he explained the Public Financial Management performance or PFM is widely used by the World Bank and the European Union to gauge government’s fiscal performance. The review examined: Credibility of the Budget; Comprehensiveness and transparency; Policy-based budgeting; Predictability and control in budget execution; accounting, recording and reporting; external scrutiny and audit and donor practices. The Turks and Caicos outdid the results of the last review in 2011 and is now cleared to receive EU funding of €14.6 million euros in direct budget support to the education sector under the 11th European Union Development Fund. You can go to to see that PEFA report for yourself, we have the link. LINK: Preview of Budget reveals salary hikes, millions is saving with retired of UK bail out loan Cabinet Ministers get to spend more, CFO stays on the job Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Shooting at Catholic primary school in Nassau

first_img Related Items:#nassaucrime, #primaryschoolcrimescene, #stfrancisstjoseph Recommended for you Radical rogues ruining Bahamas tourism reputation Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppNASSAU, Bahamas – November 16, 2017 – A primary school in Nassau was today turned into a crime scene  as Police try to nail down what led to a shooting at or near the institution on Boyd Road.When parents of St. Francis & St. Joseph Catholic primary thought it was just another ordinary run to collect their children from school, it was anything but.  We were unable to get police for a comment up to news time, but we understand that at least two shots rang out near the institution and a man was struck in the hand. Cell phone video shows the frenzy of activity at the campus and comments about who was behind the manic shooting, at a school where little children learn and play, and at an hour when they would be out and about.A woman’s voice is heard saying the gunman was ‘wearing a hoodie,’ another says the victim knew the gunman.  It is also reported that the violence traumatized the children who were said to be crying.It is believed no children were hurt in the shooting.Police were said to be on the scene investigating. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more