WikiLeaks Mirror Sites Popping Up By the Hundreds

first_imgSpeaking of WikiLeaks’ Twitter feed–the whistleblowing Website is using the microblogging service to let the world know that, in spite of various world governments’ best efforts, it won’t be taken down any time soon.Over the weekend, the site tweeted, “We will not be censored: WikiLeaks now running in over 208 locations.” Yesterday, the feed bumped the number up to 507. A quick look at the official WikiLeaks mirror page shows that the number is now well over 700 sites. AdChoices广告WikiLeaks has yet to issue a new number over its Twitter feed, presumably because it is busy with other things–like today’s arrest of its founder Julian Assange over rape and sexual molestation charges, stemming from incidents that occurred this summer.The push toward mirror sites follows an increasing number of online services pulling support for the site, including PayPal, which froze the site’s donation service. Amazon recently kicked WikiLeaks off its servers, forcing the site to find a home in a Cold War bomb shelter.DNS provider EveryDNS pulled the plug on the site as well, forcing it to switch domains from to read more