Province to strengthen the supervision of food and beverage in the college entrance examination

In the college entrance examination during the deployment to strengthen food safety supervision work, the provincial food and drug administration. Which requires food and drug regulatory departments at all levels to carry out a variety of promotional activities, and actively guide the majority of candidates healthy diet, scientific consumption, enhance food safety awareness and self-protection.

the Bureau of food and drug supervision departments at all levels to implement the requirements of the regulatory responsibility, and strengthen local education, health and other departments to communicate and establish a cooperation mechanism, strengthen the joint inspection of law enforcement, focusing on the school canteen, candidates accommodation and the surrounding catering units especially small restaurants catering food safety comprehensive supervision and inspection. The school canteen and catering service operators should strictly follow the "food safety law" requirements, strict implementation of the provisions of the system, serious investigation of food safety problems, take effective measures to eliminate food safety hazards. The Bureau stressed that health food and drug supervision departments at all levels that focus on examination of the examination room around the food service units and certified practitioners; food safety food procurement, storage, processing and other aspects; whether there is scope, overload phenomenon hosted dinner activities, supervise food service units to improve and implement food raw materials purchase inspection, certificate the ticket, tableware disinfection, food sample and other food safety management system, strictly processing expired metamorphism and toxic food, prohibited the use of non food substances and the abuse of food additives, prohibited the use of mortality or unknown causes of livestock and poultry and their products, add illicit drugs, "drainage oil".   read more

With the snow blowing machine in Datong

November 30th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County of the first greenhouse snowthrower distribution ceremony was held, 170 knapsack mechanical snow blower issued to all facilities of agricultural production base of Huang Jia Zhai Zhen, for farmers to blow the snow on the greenhouse Caolian bring convenience.

as a plateau region, winter snow to the facilities of agricultural production to bring a lot of inconvenience, winter snow blocking the sun, so that the rapid decline in greenhouse temperature, causing damage to greenhouse vegetables. At the same time, the heavy snow in winter will cause the greenhouse to collapse, which will bring huge losses to the agricultural facilities. It is understood that the Datong County each year because of heavy snow in the greenhouse collapsed and damaged phenomenon have occurred, bring a lot of loss to the farmers. Application of snow blower, can in a short time to remove greenhouse grass, insulation is above the snow, not only reduce the labor intensity in artificial snow, snow on the greenhouse and from harm caused by the rolling machine at the same time, also increased the greenhouse illumination time and intensity, for the winter and spring season vegetable breeding to create a good environment. (author: Zhao Junjie Zhao Tongyun)
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This year, Xining built a model of electronic regulation of drug management Street

this year, the city of Xining in the implementation of the national essential drugs and the western retail pharmacies on the basis of electronic supervision, built a small bridge street drug management electronic supervision demonstration street. It will also establish responsibility for security management behavior of drug retail units traceability system, improve the comprehensive utilization degree of regulatory resources, strengthen the supervision of the level of quality and safety of drugs, to explore new paths for the Xining City Drug electronic supervision management.
is a street demonstration electronic supervision system through drug retail enterprises timely upload electronic monitoring data, timely access to information, traffic flow, inventory management status, network control of drugs, real-time monitoring of the existence of pharmacy practice visits phenomenon, ephedrine is a special counter sales of licensed pharmacists, whether post, prescription drugs whether the prescription sales situation, and through the electronic supervision code seized the sale of counterfeit drugs.

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Xining Nanchuan industrial park this year to build seven core area

Xining Nanchuan Industrial Park as the Xining national economic and Technological Development Zone "four major industrial base is one of the province to create a main position of Tibetan carpet capital of the world". This year, Nanchuan Industrial Park in investment and construction projects as the starting point, strive to build the core area, to enhance the overall image and competitiveness of the park.


entered the "12th Five-Year" period, Nanchuan Industrial Park, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone to seize development opportunities, increase industry efforts to foster and support the initial formation of leading industry and industry park. This year, Nanchuan Industrial Park will upgrade, through mergers and acquisitions or repurchase, planning the development of the highway toll station to serve the green entrepreneurial road of Qinghai cashmere industry area of small enterprises, remediation venture Road, enhancing the image. To speed up the Nanchuan River Park project governance, enhance the image of river landscape. Efforts to promote the relocation of the work area to create a harmonious environment for the park. To speed up the construction of the park central business district headquarters base, grasp the investment service center of the park main and subsidiary buildings, five star hotels and office buildings (office building), the project of Industrial Products Exhibition Center buildings and other construction, focus on creating Park core area. We will actively promote the construction of a comprehensive residential area of hot springs and commercial and recreational areas, and build a first-class living, entertainment and leisure area in Xining. Promote the construction of Qinghai international wool carpet manufacturing base and Qinghai specialty products exhibition center area, enhance the image of the characteristics of the industry area. Increase the Kunlun jade brand publicity, speed up the construction of the United States and Qinghai jade cultural industrial park area, to create the image of the characteristics of the cultural industry area. read more

The West Branch police held a forum

In order to effectively enhance the satisfaction of the masses of the public security organs, listen to opinions and suggestions of the public security work of the community, conscientiously implement the spirit of the December 7, 2011 Edmonton Shengting activities, and invites Branch police air police discipline supervisor and community director, director of public security and the Community Police Association held in seven branch office, City Public Security Bureau deputy party secretary, political commissar Xu Hairun and public security, criminal investigation, household registration, political work, discipline inspection departments to participate in read more

The local production of edible fungus residue samples are all qualified you can rest assured to eat

With the implementation of the vegetable basket project in Xining City, a large number of local vegetable market, great to meet the daily needs of city residents, in order to let the masses eat fangxincai, days ago, the reporter with the Xining city of agricultural products quality and safety inspection center of the north area of Jin Jia Wan village, North Village, Wu Zhongcun, Tao, Lang Cun edible fungus production the base of unannounced visits to check the detection, detection of pesticide residues of the samples are all qualified. read more

Talk about the new changes in the new Xining veteran cadres

"The municipal Party committee and government have done a lot of work to overcome various difficulties, and achieved remarkable results."

"in the municipal government under the leadership of Xining, happiness is getting closer and closer to us!"

"these results we see in the eyes, joy in the heart."


"NPC and CPPCC" in Xining will be held, used to work in retired cadres were all fronts in Xining, for the city’s economic and social development have made important contributions, always pay attention to the development and changes in Xining to review 2015, they say the new perspective changes, Xining little new wonderful, with their feel the witness of social undertakings in Xining city on the upgrade and change rapidly. Although the old cadres who have retired at home, but they still have deep feelings for Xining, in Xining in 2016, the two sessions held on the occasion of Xining better and better, more and more people’s happiness in the city of hope. read more

Xining model workers for the first time to enjoy three gold treatment

The "51" on the eve of the municipal Party committee, Minister of propaganda department, City Union president Wang Haihong led the relevant personnel, 138 city municipal model workers sent condolence payments 138 thousand yuan, 29 low-income workers sent grants 234 thousand yuan, 25 workers sent to the difficulties helping gold 116 thousand yuan. This is the first time to enjoy the city level model workers three gold treatment.

in support of the municipal government of the city, I have introduced the "Xining city model worker selection and management Interim Measures", "model worker of Xining City Spring Festival condolences gold, the difficulties of low-income subsidies and special difficulties assistance fund management Interim Measures". This is since 1983 condolences to the workers congress named in recognition of the previous model workers and keep the honorary title of the municipal model workers, they in their ordinary jobs, has for the city’s economic and social undertakings have made a positive contribution, because part of the model worker disease and other causes temporary difficulties, the party and the government in a timely manner to they lent a helping hand. read more

Western focus interviews 33 leaders

Individual departments did not cause enough attention, heavy business, light party……" Recently, the Standing Committee of the West District Commission for Discipline Inspection two batches centralized interviewed the main person in charge of 33 key posts, one pointed out that in the "post double responsibility", the implementation of the two responsibilities in the existing problems, put forward the weak link in the risk prevention measures, to achieve full coverage, honest honest interviews.

to top quickly, a smoke too often. In order to ensure that the interview does not go, effective, Chengxi District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the implementation of regular interviews matters tracking inspectors to implement the requirements of the interviews and ordered rectification, the rectification start accountability procedures, the real investigation unit is responsible and the responsibility of supervision. As of now, Tilly Su Ji thorough investigation of 26, focusing on the 15, 5 people were accountable (among them, 1 were expelled from the public, 1 leading cadres have been removed), 8 units number one is warning interviews. At the same time, the media to play a supervisory role, to build the west district "sunshine agriculture websit" construction, opened 6 "sunshine hotline communication double line" column, effectively promoted the transformation of the work style, to create the sun, the government has obvious effect.  
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Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce case investigation work to achieve new breakthrough

 , Xining City Bureau of industry and commerce to pay close attention to the case of the investigation and handling of work, so that the number of cases handled, the quality has been greatly raised

L, the case investigated the field has also been further expanded.

Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau established source discovery mechanism, case assessment incentive mechanism, integration mechanism, law enforcement forces confiscated property supervision mechanism, the case of

investigate and deal with institutional mechanisms and other five mechanisms, and the development of the administrative licensing (non license approval behavior) quality assessment review criteria, administrative penalty read more