Xining City North District actual combat flood prevention

"the upper reaches of the Beichuan River, heavy rainfall, serious flood risk! The meteorological department forecast for the 50 year flood, Beichuan River and Tao village, causing part of the housing enterprises around water, transportation, power and communication interruption……" In August 7th 14, north of the city of Xining City District Office received a Flood flood bridge office telephone report. Do not panic, it is only in the north of the city flood control and emergency rescue drill scene scene.

received a report after the flood, the North District flood control office immediately reported to the district flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters, held an emergency meeting at 14:20, analysis, flood disaster, arrangements for the deployment of rescue and relief work, start the flood emergency plan a response. 14:40, emergency rescue and disaster relief headquarters and the advance team arrived Tao Jia zhai. At this point, the village main road has been blocked by mudslides, water depth of 60 cm, vehicles impassable, emergency rescue teams immediately dispatched excavators and loaders, road repair.

15:30, 10 teams and ambulances, fire engines rushed to the scene. Wearing a lifejacket water rescue team members drove excavators and loaders to the dam, the rest of the team began to fill sand berm; personnel rescue team into the village, transfer of victims; victims of resettlement team at the designated place quickly erected two tents, and sanitation and epidemic prevention; geological disaster monitoring team in landslide prone area to set up eye-catching the warning signs; outside, stability maintenance team of public security disaster warning line, and arrange for police officers stand guard at the junction, bridge and other places, the maintenance of security.

15:45, paramedics carrying a stretcher out of the village, the villagers live in tents, check and accept the transfer of the treatment; the victims of search and rescue teams remain in the village from door to door rescue, at the same time, publicity team members also appeared in every corner, danger and disaster relief timely delivery.


just received a report from the Meteorological Bureau of Xining City, north area rainfall weakened, Beichuan river section flood gradually down, the danger has been ruled out Tao Jia Zhai Cun, Chengbei District flood control emergency response plans for a lift." So far, the north of the city flood control and emergency rescue drill end. (author: Peng Na)

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