This year, Xining built a model of electronic regulation of drug management Street

this year, the city of Xining in the implementation of the national essential drugs and the western retail pharmacies on the basis of electronic supervision, built a small bridge street drug management electronic supervision demonstration street. It will also establish responsibility for security management behavior of drug retail units traceability system, improve the comprehensive utilization degree of regulatory resources, strengthen the supervision of the level of quality and safety of drugs, to explore new paths for the Xining City Drug electronic supervision management.
is a street demonstration electronic supervision system through drug retail enterprises timely upload electronic monitoring data, timely access to information, traffic flow, inventory management status, network control of drugs, real-time monitoring of the existence of pharmacy practice visits phenomenon, ephedrine is a special counter sales of licensed pharmacists, whether post, prescription drugs whether the prescription sales situation, and through the electronic supervision code seized the sale of counterfeit drugs.


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