The local production of edible fungus residue samples are all qualified you can rest assured to eat

With the implementation of the vegetable basket project in Xining City, a large number of local vegetable market, great to meet the daily needs of city residents, in order to let the masses eat fangxincai, days ago, the reporter with the Xining city of agricultural products quality and safety inspection center of the north area of Jin Jia Wan village, North Village, Wu Zhongcun, Tao, Lang Cun edible fungus production the base of unannounced visits to check the detection, detection of pesticide residues of the samples are all qualified.

Xining agricultural products quality and safety testing center for the provincial capital of agricultural products quality and safety testing. In the unannounced inspection process, the staff in the Jia Wan Cun Da Bao Zi Zhen Jin and agricultural planting base site from Qinghai Hui Tian is selling 3 mushroom samples, according to the requirements of edible fungi monitoring project of the Ministry of agriculture in 2015 of agricultural products in Xining city and the routine monitoring of edible fungi production and occurrence status of common pesticides pesticide residues exceed the standard, the center of the 3 samples according to NY/T in fruits and vegetables organophosphorus, organochlorine, pyrethroid and detection method of the national food safety standards "maximum residue limits for pesticides in food" to detect 21 kinds of pesticides, 25 projects and the determination of pesticide residues, the detection of pesticide residues, unannounced visits to the samples are all qualified, the majority of people can be safe to eat.


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