The first love in the north side of the city good man Award

In December 14th, the first "Chengbei District of Xining city in the north of the city of love around · good" awards ceremony was held in the north region, 15 from the ordinary jobs of ordinary people, have a warm name: good.

the first love in the north side of · has good selection activities since the official launch in April this year, after the nomination, the masses voting, jury assessment in three stages, from 42 nominations in the final selection of 7 nominations and 8 people north of the city north of the city of good. Among them, take care of the good city workers Qi Chenglan, residents of mind good party member Li Guilan, the son of Liu Jiyuan, with filial piety good passing warm good nurse Wang Xiuzhen, dedicated staff Wu Hong, supported by the masses good secretary Zhu Shenglong et al won the award nomination North good.

. Don’t forget to return society Su Changming, enthusiastic community affairs Kong Yuhua, the dedication of the good doctor Zheng Linting, never abandon good mother Zou Yuxiang, filial piety good daughter-in-law Tian Yuying, orphans and disabled children for their children good mother Qiu Falan, good boy Huang Haikun, unremitting self-improvement Shijinbumei the virtues of youth song et al Guoxun was selected as the north. (author: Peng Na)


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