Xining start down the body, set up a public letter judicial practice

  March 20th morning, bustling small square Jin Jia Wan Village Baoziwan town north of the City District of Xining City, Xining City Intermediate People’s court started the city court "leaned to set up public confidence in judicial practice here.

the day of the event, the Xining municipal courts at all levels through legal advice, issuing brochures, playing promotional films, so that the masses to better accept the legal education. Xining City North District People’s court will also open the Court opened in the other side of the village square, occurred in the real case around, the judge’s patience mediation, to the masses on a vivid legal lesson. Judges at all levels of the court in Xining and the villagers also performed a wonderful program, narrowing the distance between judges and the masses. Each district court also set up a separate venue in the jurisdiction of judges into the barracks, into the community, into the countryside, public open day and other activities.

reporter learned, carry out "leaned to set up public confidence in judicial practice in the city of Xining court, including the strengthening of justice for the people in the neutral public trust, ensure judicial impartiality neutrality of public accountability, the three aspects of public trust in the judicial integrity remain neutral. There are 13 specific measures: to improve the litigation services, let the parties more convenient; strengthen the petition for the parties, the reasonable demands resolved; strengthen enforcement, let the judicial authority safeguard; strengthening judicial relief, so that poor people engage in lawsuits; strengthen the fast trial, for the parties to resolve disputes quickly; strengthen the assizes and let the parties easily participate in the proceedings; carry out the "six judges", let the masses have direct legal services; strengthen the judicial mediation for the parties to resolve disputes, harmonious; strict accordance with the law, make people feel fairness and justice; perfect the judicial openness, let the judicial power in the sunshine operation; to promote judicial ability, let the judges become the guardian of justice; strengthen the trial management, let the judicial power caging system; maintain judicial integrity, and let the judge, Court justice, justice qingming. (author: hard)


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