JFD unveils new Stealth CDLSE MCM rebreather

first_imgUnderwater systems developer JFD has launched a new life support equipment rebreather dubbed the Stealth CDLSE Mk2 and Mk2-ED (extended duration).The new rebreathers are used primarily for mine countermeasures explosive ordnance disposal (MCM-EOD) and are said to represent a new benchmark in underwater life support technology, increasing diver safety, equipment reliability, maintainability and operational capability, according to the UK-based JFD, which is part of James Fisher and Sons.Sea mines continue to increase in sophistication and are a growing operational concern as they proliferate in the naval arsenals of potentially adverse nations who maintain robust inventories. Today, sea mines are highly advanced and come in many different varieties, from bottom-buried mines, to acoustically-actuated variants to mines manufactured from composite materials; all of which makes detection and disposal even more challenging. To conduct safe MCM-EOD operations, divers need an advanced rebreather capability that provides an extended dive time even at greater depths.As explained, the Stealth CDLSE Mk2 builds upon the existing model, which has been in service for over 15 years.The new Stealth CDLSE Mk2 variants feature enhancements such as new and more advanced O2 sensors, which enables the control system to rapidly and accurately respond to changes in life support system status; an improved choice of cylinders; while the Mk2-ED variant contains an extended duration scrubber which increases dive time from six to eight hours. Photo: Photo: JFD View post tag: Stealth CDLSE MCM Share this article View post tag: JFDlast_img

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