The first music festival and the Delingha plateau to Luke lake crab Festival delicacy

8 on the evening of 15 August, sponsored by the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Government, Delingha municipal government departments, undertake Haixizhou style radio such as "the motherland cornucopia · the magic of the first Delingha International Music Festival and the" plateau Luke lake crab delicacy festival grand opening in Delingha Olympic sports center.


Music Festival actor lineup, together Gaoyuanhong combination, the black horse, Qaidam Chinese Orchestra, Hanggai, zero band, world class masters in Mongolia Hatu constant band famous heavy metal band khurd band and other overseas nearly 20 groups of ethnic and world music, rock band heavyweight, music festival will be the three consecutive day to bring you the most unforgettable plateau music experience. This music festival delicacy carefully constructed delicacy square will also tempt people’s taste buds, Luke lake crab, mutton, yogurt, patches, skewers and other characteristics of delicacy full debut.

"held plateau Music Festival in the home and Luke lake crab Festival delicacy I feel very happy, can let the tourists inside and outside the province, tasting delicious crab and special delicacy also makes me feel very proud. The event allows people to further feel the charm of the qaidam." Delingha citizens Ma Xiaoqin said happily, she likes the band and the black horse, especially in the music festival, she has been involved in the scene and the singer’s interaction.

it is understood, as to further promote the Qaidam characteristics of ethnic culture and culture, showing a new platform for the plateau local customs and practices of the first Delingha International Music Festival and the plateau, Luke lake crab delicacy Festival, will further enhance the visibility of Delingha and Qaidam, attracting residents and tourists sharing music and delicacy, creating the national unity and progress of advanced state to inject vitality into the Hercynian, bring strong impetus for the economic and social development.


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