The province’s medical assistance poverty alleviation has taken a substantial step

to implement the provincial government "on the implementation of the overall poverty win ahead of the implementation of views" and "Qinghai Province medical security and poverty relief action plan" spirit of poverty battle, give full play to the role of medical assistance support poverty, recently, the provincial Civil Affairs Department issued "on the winning battle to further improve health poverty rescue work notice", make arrangements for the work of medical assistance.

"notice" clear medical relief of poverty alleviation objectives and tasks, will be "two in one" to determine all the poor people into the focus of medical aid assistance, full funding for basic medical insurance for urban residents, and implement the policy of relief. At the same time, do a good job of low income and expenditure due to illness poor medical relief work, through the implementation of medical assistance policy, effective prevention and prevent this kind of poverty poverty group. For the security policy and medical assistance after the medical burden is still heavy poor families, charitable organizations should actively join or mobilize social forces to give support and help to cause difficulties in family life timely implementation of temporary assistance policy.

"Circular" put forward around the fight against poverty, and do a good job of medical assistance policy measures.

one is the full funding of agricultural and pastoral areas of the insured object. "13th Five-Year" period, by the civil affairs department in accordance with the average standard when the insured individual contributions to agricultural and pastoral areas residents object to give full support. Two is to carry out major disease outpatient assistance. Four kinds of major diseases with basic medical reimbursement has established outpatient path of agricultural and pastoral areas residents, in the outpatient treatment occurred within the scope of the policy of outpatient service expenses, the basic medical insurance reimbursement, the remaining part to give medical assistance. The three is to provide medical expenses for hospitalization. Agricultural and pastoral areas residents during hospitalization medical expenses incurred in the designated medical institutions, the policy of relief, basic medical insurance and medical residents illness insurance reimbursement, no deductibles, remaining within the scope of the policy rules for medical expenses relief. Four is the implementation of major diseases medical assistance policy. Agricultural and pastoral areas of poverty population suffering from serious illness hospitalization medical expenses incurred in the designated medical institutions, the policy of relief, basic medical insurance and medical insurance reimbursement or payment after the party responsible for the accident, within a year of personal expense (including expense part) give medical assistance.


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