Huangzhong drinking water quality standards

in early March, Huangzhong county environmental monitoring station in the county 6 centralized drinking water sources to carry out water quality monitoring. Monitoring results show that 6 centralized drinking water source water quality standards.

Huangzhong county environmental monitoring station on the county’s five village temple, pull Lijiashan fragrant forest gorge, moon mountain, south ditch water yaoshuitan, and static real new water source 6 drinking water quality monitoring in the monitoring of the water temperature, pH value, dissolved oxygen, permanganate index and other 29 projects. Methods of analysis of all monitoring items according to the national standard analysis method, the results show that the five village temple, incense pull Lijiashan gap water reach the class I standard; South moon hill, ditch water yaoshuitan, water reach the second class standard; static real water quality reach the maximum class standard. Water quality standards, indicating that six centralized drinking water sources in Huangzhong County water quality are good. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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