The quality of the loan portfolio by tourism sector is the best among all activities

first_imgIn Croatia, the value of partially recoverable and fully non-performing loans increased significantly in banks’ portfolios during the crisis years.The largest part of partially collectible and completely non-performing loans was generated in the loan portfolio of economic entities, the Department of Macroeconomic Analysis of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce points out, adding that there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the loan portfolio of certain activities. real estate, have become more risky than others.The corporate clients of banks in the tourism industry are currently, according to the value of loans, the third most important clients of banks, after the processing industry and trade. Thus, the value of loans in this sector this year reached a record level of HRK 10,1 billion (as at 30 June 6), thus becoming the third largest customer of banks within the non-financial corporations sector, with a share of 2017%.At the same time, the quality of their loan portfolio much better than in the mentioned two sectors, moreover, it is the best among all activities. Higher quality clients from this industry can be related to the fact that companies in the tourism industry survived the crisis years much more painlessly than most industries, which allowed them to grow and better creditworthiness.Attachment: Credit quality in tourismlast_img

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