Datong County to carry out special inspections of pre production safety

with the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the major hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets consumer war also opened the curtain. Recently, the reporter learned from the Datong County Trade and Industry Bureau, the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, Datong County Trade and Industry Bureau to take a variety of forms, in-depth and solid to do a good job of production safety inspection activities.

It is reported that

, Datong Industrial and Commercial Bureau will further deepen the investigation and management of security risks, to crack down on illegal production and business activities, the special inspection work to do deep, do fine, do it from three aspects. On the one hand, and the county Industrial and Commercial Bureau industry and market (market) the organizers signed fire safety responsibility, clear market organizer is the first responsibility of fire safety work, strict market access, the size of consumer sites in the process of business license strictly, the organizers need to submit "the public security fire Department fire inspection certificate", and tried to fire safety work and catering, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and other places, urging the operators to pay attention to fire safety work; secondly, to determine the 17 stores in the county (supermarket), fire safety market staff intensive places et al as the key regulatory target, key regulatory object must handle the licensing procedures without fire, fire industrial and commercial departments shall not permit procedures, inspection certification of business license; finally, in order to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, strengthen the fireworks explosion Bamboo market supervision, April 27th, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, County Safety Supervision Bureau jointly Province native sundry goods Co., law enforcement officers were deployed 135 times into the Datong County towns, a comprehensive renovation of fireworks market, check 90 households, on suspicion of operating beyond the scope of the 7 households for investigation, seized more than 1000 fake fireworks hang, the price more than 12000 yuan. (author: Wang Chengying Fan Haiming)

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