Approaching our policewoman

there is a group of people, they and ordinary women, plays the daughter, wife and mother’s role, the interpretation of ordinary life fuel; the difference is that they have to shoulder the responsibility to protect people’s lives and property safety, do not have to face all dangerous unknown every day. They have a proud name — the people’s police.

service "angel"

from working hours and 10 minutes into the west of Xining City Public Security Bureau hall, saw his colleagues affectionately known as color sister Ying Liu Caiying has packed the office, sitting in the spotlessly clean household room, greeted her guests.

winter to spring, Liu Caiying in the "three foot" space has been for 22 years, although there is no rain, but every day and not only to diversiform people "dialogue", but also to regulate the efficient service, make them happy and satisfied, and to the end of the day, often tired mouth parched and tongue scorched and sore. In the face of tedious and boring work, Liu Caiying never complained, even if his daughter was born, go to school, did not require care. What kind of power, support her silently dedication and consistent?

"what do you say, my application materials are not up to the requirements! You thought of the public security bureau door is really difficult ah, deliberately making things difficult for our people?" One came to re submit the identity of the masses, because the declaration of substandard materials, pointing to Liu Caiying’s nose temper.

"comrade, you do not worry. I have explained to you the last time the requirements of the declaration of the material, your material is obviously not required……" Liu Caiying, the extension to this hand in front seems to have no reaction, still smiling, reasoned, patiently explain to the relevant provisions of the masses, and produce the relevant documents.

"sorry, I wronged you, I will according to the requirements for re!" Just because of anger and deformation of the facial features gradually restored to the original state, the tone also significantly reduced the decibel, the hot temper of the people turned away from the hall.

comrade, do you have anything I can do for you?" Liu Caiying has begun to receive the next mass.

witnessed this scene, I had given up to interview color sister Ying idea, one is do not want to disturb her life and work, two do not want to because of me, the delay window service, affect the elder sister in the image of the masses.

is seeing is believing. Details, just a detail, I have found the answer to this trip: persistence and competence, is that they have a sincere service to the people of the heart!

a drop of water can reflect the beauty of the rainbow, a window can see the stars. It is much like Liu Caiying’s service angel, people only when people feel the warmth of a pro yushuiqing.

conscientious "steward" < /;

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