1 million new rural construction in the north of the city

new garbage collector, bright lights…… These villagers usually do not want to think of the infrastructure, and now in the new countryside north of the city can be seen everywhere, all of which are due to the north of the city in order to strengthen the construction of new rural areas, improve rural infrastructure work.

It is reported that this year

, north of the city district government invested 1 million yuan for the new rural village renovation, street lighting, cable installation, cultural corridor construction area of 13 villages. As of now there is new rural installed Street 65, 300 villagers garbage collector installation, configuration, open limited 40 sets of TV shows, benefiting 250 households, 1100 people, painting the walls of 2500 square meters, the construction of cultural corridor of 100 square meters, 160 square meters of cultural wall. (author: Ding Fan Shengdong)

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