Coach ‘Dan’ not too pleased with Buxton United’s performance

first_img…satisfied in reaching last fourDREADLOCKED head Coach of Buxton United, Herbert ‘Dan’ McPherson is of the view that his unit, while accomplishing their first round objective of the GFF-Stag Elite league, disappointed in their play.“First of all I am satisfied that we achieved what we had set as our goal before the season started and that is to finish in the final four, but I am not too pleased with the performance and I guess this is because we never got real serious with our practice sessions until the League started. After our final game in the first round we had a team-meeting where we all agreed that we fell down with our late start in preparations,” McPherson told Chronicle sport in a ‘one-on-one’ interview.Coach ‘Dan’ in reviewing and identifying United’s weaknesses,related what he thought was the problem and the way forward to improve on their first round performance.“Our concern really continues to be in our finishing and here is where we will have to strengthen and sharpen because goals win games. Finishing has been our problem since last year and in any game that could come back to haunt you, so we are really going to focus on strengthening that area.“ I think we possess the players to get the job done, but they have to learn to be patient, so during the break we are going to concentrate on those two aspects. Of course we are still shaping our defensive organisation and that will also be worked on. Generally we will be rehearsing our tactical game.“We will be working on a lot of finishing drills in training and getting the players to play with patience, especially in the final third of the pitch. We plan to use this off-season period meaningfully both on and off the field where we would be doing gym work as well as tactical and technical drills.”McPherson,who has been in charge of Buxton United since the inauguration of the League,says he was not too impressed with play in the first round while he also challenged coaches to do more.“There were some really competitive games played, but I feel overall it could have been a little more competitive. I think it is very important for us as Coaches to work more with the teams so we can up the standard. Remember we are talking about the Elite League, the top League in the country where we will be harnessing future national representatives, so we definitely have to work more on our players.”The Coach is also advocating for businesses to get involved with the League so that the best talents will be available while identifying a major hindrance to coaches.“The big problem we face as coaches is attitude of players,mainly because very little is being offered in compensation. So when a player has to go and earn a dollar elsewhere for himself and his family’s sustenance and he has to choose, football suffers. It’s a tough decision that leaves you the coach with sometimes 10 players for a session and the next day 12, but six from the previous day are absent and that affects the session and programme. We need to get more businesses involved in sponsoring teams of the Elite League because the aim is semi-professional and we need to have something to hold these talents.”While there was no one stand-out player, the Coach made mention of several teenagers.“I personally would like to thank teenagers like Dillon Wright, Shemar Beckles, Jeremiah Thorne and Nixon Roberston for their performances and would like to see the more senior players like Clive Andries and Captain Denvor Dennis step up, especially in their attitude.”Coach ‘Dan’ says that he is looking forward to a second half with much optimism.“We are definitely looking forward to the transfer window as we have already been talking to a couple of players and it’s just for it to materialize. We feel as a team(that) if we work hard and get properly prepared,we can win this Championship;and this will be our focus for the second round, to be victorious.”When quizzed on the withdrawals of four Elite teams from the League and the upcoming break, the coach was more concerned that football was played and that the mid-season interval is timely.“For me I am just happy that football was played because my main interest is in having football played. I am not too bothered who doesn’t want to play, so I am glad football is the winner.“With regards to the present break from the league,I think the period is a great opportunity for all teams to work on their weak areas. I really don’t feel it is too long a break, I think it is a time for all teams to get better prepared for the second half which will be more competitive”.In concluding his interview, coach McPherson spoke highly of the club’s officials:”My club’s administration is massive and I can’t complain;hopefully they will soon get some sponsorship for the team.”last_img

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