Jin Bao project social insurance management information system successfully completed data migration

recently, Qinghai province Jinbaogongcheng social insurance information system application server, database server and upgrade the overall migration work is completed, Xining City, East Sea and Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the province’s social insurance and unemployment insurance business managers and two designated medical institutions, medical insurance settlement business can be handled properly. This has laid a solid foundation for the construction of the province’s social insurance information system, but also for the next step in the province to promote the application of accumulated experience.

it is reported that the Qinghai gold insurance project social insurance information system involving Xining City, the city of East Sea, Hainan and the province’s unemployment insurance business of a total of 15 subsystems. In March, the provincial insurance engineering office established the database migration coordination leading group, 26 project managers and engineers, and other hardware manufacturers, HP collaborative talent engineer, developed "national health insurance card system integration, project planning and deployment plan" and "Qinghai province Jinbaogongcheng social insurance information system database transfer of contingency plans", fully prepared for the system work done careful deployment and migration. System migration has been completed successfully.

at present, the operating indicators are within the normal range value.


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