Xining urban management special food waste

recently, the Xining urban management system to carry out special rectification of food waste action, to the use of 32 illegal food waste pig breeding farms issued a regulatory opinion.

in order to further improve the work of kitchen waste disposal specification in Xining City, Xining City, the urban management department on basis of doing daily supervision, aiming at the existing problems of food waste disposal in the transportation, food waste again deployed to carry out special rectification work, and severely punish private and smuggling of food waste behavior and catering units will not give the kitchen waste unauthorized disposal unit or individual processing behavior. As of now, Xining City, district level two joint law enforcement team organized night concentrated rectification 15 times, to the preservation of evidence in the form of illegal kitchen garbage collection on 40 times, 32 of the illegal use of food waste pig farmers issued supervision submissions to the Ministry of public security door over alleged illegal processing of waste edible oils and fats of the 1 cases.


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