Xining city will be carried out next year, PM2.5 monitoring

December 29th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, in accordance with the Ministry of environmental protection to carry out the monitoring of fine particulate matter schedule, Xining city will be carried out next year to monitor PM2.5. Currently, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau is preparing for the relevant work.

PM2.5 is a general term for particles with a diameter less than or equal to 2.5 microns in the atmosphere. Its diameter is less than 1/20 of the diameter of a human hair. Although PM2.5 is only a small component of the earth’s atmosphere, it has an important impact on air quality and visibility. Compared with coarse atmospheric particles, PM2.5 particle size, rich in large amounts of toxic and harmful substances, and long residence time in the atmosphere, conveying distance, and thus the impact on human health and environmental quality of the atmosphere more. PM2.5 part of the direct combustion of fossil fuels (such as coal, motor vehicle exhaust), and the other part of the two ions generated from the reaction of different ions in the atmosphere.

Zhang Junlu deputy director of the Bureau of Xining city environmental

said that at present, Xining city has the automatic detection station 8, of which 3 inspection stations have the monitoring condition of PM2.5, they will continue to increase the equipment and the index system of next year. At the same time, "Xining environmental protection regulations" will be formally implemented from January 1, 2012, which has a legal protection to improve the quality of the provincial capital. (author: Zhao Junjie)


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