Óscar Pereiro: “There would be problems if Bale were my partner”

first_imgOn Sunday they face their two soul teams. Who are you going with?Always with Celta, I have no doubt. I only wished the opposite once, in which Celta did not play anything and Real Madrid was fighting for LaLiga. I am a cellist and follower of Real Madrid.Has that been your order of preference since you were a child?I am not a cellist since I was born. I started following him with 11 years, just after my father took me to Balaído to see a Celta-Real Madrid. I remember that the figure was Baltazar. Being smaller I have photos with the Athletic shirt. I imagine my grandparents would give it to me for Athletic titles those years. But neither as a child nor as an adult I had a Madrid shirt. At the time of Capello it was when I became more Real Madrid.You who are so multifaceted and football fan, would not you like to be a manager of Celta?Many times I have thought about it. It would be milk, an incredible experience.Why is Celtic again struggling to save itself?Since leaving Berizzo has been a disappointment after another. We need to work more, be more humble. In August we all thought we had a team to fight for Europe, but we are a very soft team. At times I get the feeling that we lack ambition. It cannot be that we are one of the teams that lacks the least in LaLiga. With Berizzo we had another claw, more intensity.Do you think Iago Aspas is going to the European Championship? He is a magician. Last year he saved Celta and this season if he is not shining so much it is because he has few balls. He should go to the European Championship for quality, intensity and for being the top Spanish scorer of the last leagues.What match do you expect this Sunday at the Bernabéu?I am more optimistic than a month ago. We come from being very bad and we are growing. I really like the progression in the Celtic game, although it is hard for us to score points. We can make war, although Real Madrid is defensively quite reliable.Do you see them as league champions?It is very soon and there is a Classic. Style doesn’t just make me fall in love. Practice a control football, is not a steamroller like Liverpool or like Real Madrid from other times. Of course, its effectiveness is indisputable.And in the Champions League do you consider it a favorite against City?When Real Madrid puts on the European shirt it looks like a different team. In theory it is favorite and the City is not in its best season. Even so, he is a strong rival and with a coach who really wants Real Madrid.Did you have a partner like Bale in your career as a professional cyclist?No never. That pasotismo had never seen him, someone who is so good and has no ambition to win and be the best. It gives the feeling of being accommodated, that he charges every month and that he doesn’t care about football. If I were my partner, with the character I have, there would be problems.last_img

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