IKEA vacations: A youtuber cheats on her followers pretending to be on a luxurious island

first_imgSocial networks are increasingly used by people of all ages. The use of such applications allows us to have constant communication with people from different parts of the world, but they can also be a focus of distorted realities. On many occasions, to give a different image from the one you have in reality, many people manipulate users with certain images and videos that upload to their social networks to appear to lead a luxurious lifestyle.A young American, named Natalia Taylor, wanted to test whether you can really play with reality and trick users. This social experiment was to get some pictures to look like I was on vacation in Bali, when I was really in an Ikea store. Image: iStock In social networks, you can easily distort realityMany users upload images to pretend a luxurious lifestyle last_img

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