Xining provincial cadres to convey the eighteen party spirit

November 21st, the provincial Party cadres held in Xining to learn to convey the spirit of the party’s eighteen meeting. The provincial Party committee, provincial Party Committee Organization Department Minister Qi Yu on behalf of the provincial Party committee to the Xining area of retired cadres to convey the spirit of the party’s eighteen and retired cadres mobilization speech, thinking and action to a highly unified spirit of the party’s eighteen, ningxinjuli, forge ahead in unity, to ensure that all the people of Qinghai and people across the country to share the happiness of building a well-off society the results make new and greater contributions. Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Provincial Bureau of cadres in charge of nearly 200 retired cadres and retired party secretary of the Party branch attended the meeting.

Qi Yu stressed that the party’s eighteen major spirit of a good study, a good grasp of the good, fully implement the good, is the current and future period of the work of veteran cadres and the primary political task. Cadres at all levels to work under the unified leadership of the Party committee, and actively take action, in the majority of retired cadres and cadres of the work of the Department quickly set off to study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen big boom. The Party branch of retired cadres should play an active role in the old cadre (old) University and retired cadres of Party school, old cadre activity center position, adopt a flexible approach, the majority of workers from the retired cadres and cadres to seriously study the eighteen files, learn exactly eighteen report and the Constitution (Amendment). To the organization of retired cadres nearestplace to visit the new achievements in reform and opening up and modernization construction, so that they feel the enormous achievements in economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction and ecological civilization construction, deepen the understanding of the spirit of the party’s eighteen.

Qi Yu, the majority of retired cadres to be as in the past to the care and support of the provincial Party committee work, give full play to the advantages, guide public opinion, the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups to unite more closely around the Party Central Committee, the task force to achieve the cohesion of the party’s eighteen and twelve provincial Party Congress to promote " to speed up the three district; " construction, the early realization of " two " goal. (author: Wei Shuang)

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