Three quarter March Qinghai the province’s third industry growth rate higher than the national avera

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"date" of agricultural information service

mention of the third industry, people first thought is associated with the life of the industry, such as catering services, clothing stores, hotel accommodation, transportation and tourism, health care, pension services etc.. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg, far from the influence of the rapid development of the third industry to improve people’s living standards, improve the quality of life is so simple, it can effectively promote the province industrialization and modernization, expand the field of employment and employment. Today, we take a look at three of the information services and agricultural production of a hand, the collision sparks.This is from

"eggplant Geyuan modern agricultural production base in Xining city south of new village of the town a total total pick, you see there are long eggplant in the branches of the photo." In November 5th, in the supermarket to buy food Ms. Lee was delighted to find that picking vegetables not only depending on the appearance, can be found in the vegetables "origin" and "family". Ms. Lee found that only insignificant, with the rural information service of our province to speed up the construction speed, in the province of agricultural and livestock products, specialty goods behind weave a huge information service network, which covers half of Qinghai province.

and in Qinghai province science and technology information research data center, not only can see Ms. Lee to buy vegetable origin and planting, even the growth of soil, climate, water and other detailed information data can see. Here is our province rural information service platform "brain", every department and enterprise information data products and services are gathered here, in the "network" in the background, won the provincial science and Technology Department, provincial economic and Information Commission, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Meteorological Bureau more than and 20 unit. The other end of the network for their farmers or herders, not only provides medical care and employment information service, the most important is to provide management, field management, agricultural planting and breeding technology, the agricultural products price, even the "farmers’ customized service.


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