Open a shop to see how much money 3D print shop

with the progress of science and technology, 3D printing began to appear, and the rapid development of investment boom. Open a 3D printing shop how much money? How is its profit? You must be concerned about these issues, right? Today Xiaobian for everyone to analyze how much money to open a 3D printing shop.

A, since it is a small business, may open the 3D printer shop is not how much money, but at least 100 thousand or so, not only to consider the price of 3D printers, 3D printer, plus the purchase of rent, store decoration etc…….

two, you want to make a 3D printer industry must have an understanding of the industry. As the saying goes "can apply" is a good start only full range master 3D printer technology knowledge.

three, the key is how to locate? What do you want to open a 3D printer shop? Can I help you? Want to buy what kind of 3D printer. For example, if you want to sell the cake, you have to buy the production of 3D production machine.

four, or a positive attitude and the spirit of fear of failure: want to do poineering work not only to pay the manpower and spirit have to bear great pressure. Everything is hard in the beginning, as long as there is a good beginning of a will. There is a positive attitude and optimistic spirit so that you are a powerful driving force for business success.


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