Join the chain catering industry focus attention has not been reduced

people’s exploration of food is endless, the food and beverage industry has always been to join the business aimed at the money industry. So many novice entrepreneurs still choose to start from the restaurant, try to grab the first pot of gold in the catering industry entrepreneurs.

xianzonglin is the old franchise Expo exhibitors, the business development director Zhuang kiyomitsu told reporters that RBT is Hong Kong enterprises, starting from the first session of RBT participated in the domestic franchise exhibition, the exhibition of professional visitors a year more than a year, along with the development of the exhibition enterprises. Also grow up. He told reporters that only the first day of the exhibition 3 hours in the morning, to consult the audience reached more than 2800 people. From the increase in the number of exhibitors, we can see the degree of activity of domestic private investment.

Obviously many foreigners face

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