What are the factors that affect the popularity of cosmetics store

there are a lot of people have seen the beauty market opportunities at the same time, the cosmetics store has become one of the many people entrepreneurial way, is the most valued store popularity, only store popularity is good, and the store business volume will naturally increase.

1, store environment and atmosphere to create

many store employees to store in Business Hours without lights, no air conditioning to promote as merit, so many people feel a bit unbelievable, in fact, full lighting and the business premises of the indoor temperature is a basic index (that is GSP in storage conditions of general merchandise also requires the indoor temperature at 0 – 30 DEG C). This directly affects the transaction opportunity.

on the store environment and atmosphere, excellent brand store opened, or whenever the anniversary big promotion activities during the period of time, all of the stores are spliced into the balloon arches, promotional posters, promotional Duitou, DM manual is a lot more invested in the shop at the entrance, and organized to treat a variety of ways to combine into the store, to effectively enhance the store customer into the store.

2, the commodity structure and the replenishment capacity

3, category driven and plump display

many cosmetics shop boss is concerned about the value of absolute gross profit level, ignoring the nature of competition in retail stores, the reason lies in the nature of the retail indifference and ignorance.

terminal promotion becomes more and more important in modern marketing, in addition to on-site promotional activities such as discounts, discounts, gifts, demonstrations, merchandise display and POP advertising is more important. Strengthen the brand display terminal degree, to increase sales.

4, theme promotion and activity program

Regular promotion tactics

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