How to do agent proxy platform is a lot of people are very familiar with, is one of the most popular online shopping platform. If you are interested in this project so you can try it, because this platform has an advantage of entrepreneurship, to help you easily open the consumer market.

is different from the traditional distribution channels, is special channel brands and consumers, brands and consumers to shorten the distance to authorize the sale, sale, deep discounts, flash sale for the brand and provide consumers with a unique shopping experience marketing.

1, a new sample: service to provide new samples, brand products, product testing and other diversified brands, help more accurately predict consumer trends, make brand insight into the market easily.

2, brand promotion brand: provide all media, all area, all-round, the whole population, brand promotion, make new brands or new entrants into the brand quickly occupy the market, let a tiger with wings added brand promotion.

3, focus on promotion: to provide a big impact on the brand, large-scale, great repercussions of the super marketing platform to help the rapid outbreak of brand sales force, so that big marketing, big performance really eager to.

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