How to manage the staff

beauty industry profits, the beauty shop to know how to manage your employees, this is very important. In the management of the beauty shop, human resource management plays a very important role, how to manage the staff? What skills do you have? Today, let’s take a look.

1. – according to law efficiency staffing quota of labor quota calculation method, applicable to all can use the labor quota production work jobs or posts.

2. – according to the equipment capacity of equipment and service must be started to fulfill the production task, calculation method of the preparation of personnel according to the capacity of single equipment.


3. Manning method — according to the manning standard, work frequency and the number of jobs to calculate the allocation of human resources.

4. – proportional computation method of proportional computation method is based on the number of service objects as the basis, according to the standard method to calculate the proportion of personnel with the preparation of human resources.

5. – duty personnel duty quota method is established according to the organization and its responsibilities, and internal beauty chain business and the division of responsibilities to determine the method of human resources.

for the beauty store owner, you should pay attention not only to the customer, pay attention to store performance, should also be concerned about human resources. For the beauty salon entrepreneurs, as long as the right to grasp the human resources allocation of the industry, then this project is to stabilize the business.



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