What do you want to do before joining venture projects

if you want to do poineering work in 2016, then joining is one of your choices. Want to be successful in joining the cause can not be so simple. Experts remind investors that franchising is not enough enthusiasm. In the fourth session of the conference of the Chinese franchise law special, from Longan law firm senior lawyer Viv Gee Richard pointed out that the main reason why many franchise companies failed, franchising is the two sides did not communicate and plan to charter business, lead to great differences after joining. To this end, the preparatory work to do a good job, both for the franchisee or by the franchisee are essential.

A, negotiation, including the franchisor for franchising business to do the necessary display and presentation, franchisee of the franchisor and its franchise business background investigation and verification, the franchisor franchisee qualification, the two sides finally reached an agreement of intent signed a charter of several aspects.

two, consider the contents of the concession agreement, including the determination to establish franchise locations and business scope, clear both the ownership of intellectual property rights and other content, at the same time again to review the agreement without omission and final matters.

three, familiar with the business, a franchise brand is suitable to join, the key lies in its products and to support, is to join the business. The study of franchise business, including the establishment of long-term business development plan and the corresponding financial planning by the franchisee, the franchisee in accordance with its own franchise norms to guide the franchisee’s business plan and financial operations planning.

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