How to open a barbecue shop popularity

no matter what business we do, we are nothing more than to make money, popular, in order to gather wealth, want to have a good business to open barbecue shop, on the way to attract customers, so, want to open a barbecue shop, how to attract the majority of customers visit? Here comes the discussion with Xiao bian.

then to the waiter working process of careful planning, do some service training day. Customers hate low efficiency and chaos, the minimum requirements of Mao dishes and drinks in place. Indoor ventilation must be good, at least enough fans, or no one will go in.

outside not paved chairs, Xianpu part, then many people gradually spread, people always seem more like early, can also pull some friends and relatives to charge number. When the flow of people to send a number of leaflets, focusing on the promotion of specialty products, can arouse people’s curiosity.

finally remind, running a small grill don’t forget to use the characteristic taste and service, give your own shop to attract some popular Oh, lack of popular barbecue shop, even your estimate is not willing to patronize.


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