A new peculiar commodity purchase management skills

curiosity is for everyone, as people have more and more interested in new things, new peculiar commodity in the market more and more, more and more high in sales. A new peculiar commodity how to operate? What are the purchasing skills? May wish to understand!


example: we have the rebate policy of dealer sales, sales and when he reaches a certain amount, in order to get the rebate, he is less than the purchase price, and impulse, Chaoshan people have accounts of genius, how much, how much money, how to cash on hand to get the maximum profit and value, they can it is clear. In addition, large quantities of Chaozhou merchants love cash transactions on monthly and consignment trading policy manufacturers, of course the crunching of Chaozhou department have treated the other eye. Chaozhou department have to manipulate, use of cash money.

(two) replacement technique

example: Mr. Lin wholesalers is one of the most important business new peculiar commodity wholesaler in Shenzhen, he often with some other big business department of Shenzhen Chaoshan new peculiar commodity wholesalers are cheap because of their replacement, can get the lowest price from the manufacturer, so they through low-cost exchange in this industry more than a few of the lowest the resources of the products, so there are more shops to their store and purchase. They have a lot of money to attract customers, you can earn more money.

techniques with the goods

example: business new peculiar commodity Lin said: "my Chaozhou wholesalers are specialized wholesale small supermarket and downstream Chaoshan shop business, my product is the best-selling commodity in the new business, in order to attract his downstream, he often uses my products as bait, deliberately lose money from shipment, more store goods, and the store must be in other high profit products, so in general he is making money. As a means of retail technology, deliberately sell the one or two best-selling products below the cost price, resulting in the entire store cheap, but also to promote the sale of other high profit products.

of course, if you think the business new peculiar commodity purchase their own is very troublesome, can also choose to join and become a new peculiar commodity franchisee, natural product manufacturers delivery. However, no matter what the way, there are some shortcuts to business tips!


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