Airline stewardess turned to sell tea rich

in the world is facing a Nothing is too strange., eat young rice occupation, for a long time is not the way to go, this is exactly how to switch to the airline stewardess?

Xiaoqing was originally a beautiful southern airline stewardess, flying more than 4 years in the sky. However, older, Xiaoqing plan on their own, rely on the wealth when a successful production of women. Xiaoqing know their advantage is sensitive taste buds, decided to open a tea shop, the price for 3 months, and finally selected a Taiwan born milk suppliers, purchase of raw materials from there, learn to do authentic Tainan cuisine Green Tea foam.

along this line, Xiaoqing again to study, found a large supermarket in front of a large flow of people, in the majority of Residential District Street, and the rent is generally between 3000~10000 yuan. After an investigation, Xiaoqing rented Tianhe District Grandbuy underground two layer of a shop, monthly rent of 4000 yuan.

: propaganda on martial flyer as home hair name card department stores in the target customer group is who? Most investors take it for granted that people who go shopping. But in fact, the customer in a hurry, will stop for tea shop limited. Xiaoqing careful observation, found the surrounding businesses is the real potential customers.

the Tianhe Grandbuy negative two connects the two underground mall, in small shops, a great demand for beverage. Then, carefully printed promotional materials, small fine, let man sent to the surrounding merchants. However, the pie is not good. Xiaoqing think again, think to change the way of good publicity. She decided to kiss the door.

expert analysis of the industry analysis of the spring and summer of this year, handmade tea industry ushered in the climax of the third venture in Guangzhou, the first two were in 2003~2004 years, 2007 years at the end of ~2008. After the baptism of the two industries, Guangzhou hand tea has been more mature, with the southern region of the high

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