Eat noodles to join the family has six core strengths

snack food industry as an increasingly popular investment projects, the market prospects for the development of a bright, which has become one of the franchisee to join the competition. At the moment, the traditional snack food industry in China has become a hot investment in venture capital projects, the next two years, China’s snack industry will have a greater breakthrough, sales profit will reach a new high. This trend is also a good opportunity for those who want to start a business in the restaurant industry. Entrepreneurship for the project, sincere service for you family noodles.

food noodle family has six core strengths, all aspects of intimate support to ensure that you really make money.

first, stir fry the chef! The central kitchen is standardized. The food will face group process to peel the central kitchen kitchen, in a pipelined manner required for production of stores operated soup and toppings and other semi-finished products, the logistics system of distribution to stores, stores just assembled products, both to ensure consistency of product taste, and the cost is decreased, significantly enhance profits.

two, special material bag! Thousands of stores such as taste. Eat all kinds of food in the face of the shop has a special seasoning package, these spices have their own flavor, simply by adding the standard can be super simple, easy shop.

three, distinguished experts and entrepreneurship escort for you. Noodles group technical director Mr. Zhang Jianting is the commercial food service industry development center expert, Mr. Zhang Jianting has been responsible for the whole food product family development, and help the food surface family terminal stores development. Food back to the national level expert resources, the store is not difficult to fire.

four, site selection! Let you win at the starting line. Eat noodles every year to open a direct shop, so there is a strong ability to choose the location, each store needs the headquarters of the site manager to use professional site selection tools to measure the flow of people to make assessment. For each partner to provide food for the family to the site to choose the location of the service and store evaluation, to help inexperienced partners to choose the appropriate store so far.

five, professional training, integrated training mode of three. Dishes making noodles Group partners first to receive professional training in teacher training base and store teaching, because you will not learn technology shop, but also to the physical store to practice, to learn the theoretical knowledge, through the opening of headquarters outlets Training Manager Manager will be free to take shop, easy to learn, without any dining experience. KFC, McDonald’s, Hand-Pulled Noodle are so Ajisen training, food group is.

six, mature marketing, store survival rate is higher. Food noodle family planning department staff from all over the domestic food and beverage brands and Taiwan design. The food surface family commitment every month to develop the program of activities to the terminal stores, private custom, dumplings, mobilization, the World Cup theme free drinks are noodles family planning (2014 drama may reference >

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