Retail stores to become the new product sales

almost any one industry will continue to have a new product, a lot of shops in order to Qiuwen, simply can not operate these new products. In fact, Xiao Bian here suggest that retail store operators also need to sell new products, so that the business of the shop is more popular.

one afternoon, an old Xie Wholesale Department salesman Xiao Tang, driving a car full of Wahaha products, to go off, grinning at me this store came, "boss, our company out of five new products, help and support our work!" Then pour a cup of iced Blueberry Tea to me"

"well, the taste is good, but this is a new listing, do not know the customer does not recognize the problem?"

boss, this new taste good, it should be no problem. You can rest assured. Can be less into the point ah, do not you more pressure on goods, each one to each species!"

"well, sell! Sold out, the next purchase together with payment to you?"

boss, so a few money ah, but also sell it?" Salesman Xiao Tang was surprised to say.

"well, yeah, consignment. Because this is a new product, first, I’m not sure, customers do not recognize this product.

this second, if not sell, I can not worry about. If you don’t want to sell, I can only say I’m sorry! Besides, do not sell, new products and a few stores dare to put you?" I will be very firm.

because I know: in the dealer side, just took over the new products, they are very want to put in each store, because only in this way can open the market for new products. So I seize this heart, to fight for the right to sell.

thought just shop that will have no experience, eat a lot of losses. For the salesman to sell their own goods, Xinlimeidi: first, accept the new product, if the customer does not accept, the band and goods, dealers there downturn, would have changed the "master", the two are not to bother doing business. New products can not be sold out after a period of time, to bring their own economic losses, injured or retail.

two, do not accept it, others have to sell, but not their own store, if the new products are popular with customers, others would not let others earn The early bird catches, laugh.

new products come out, because no one knows how it will be the future market, if the rush to purchase, there may not be able to return to this, and put

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