Disruptive innovation has been distorted by the Chinese nternet

it is undeniable that the rapid development of the Internet, many opportunities for entrepreneurs. Rotten street in 2013, the Internet thinking always behind the subversive innovation of the figure, there is no suspense is the outside of the Chinese Internet has been read askew.

enter from the low-end market: the existing market and value network, attract existing mainstream market low-end customers with "low quality" mode, gradually expand. In the process of continuous improvement of their performance, to the high-end market. In simple terms, that is, persimmon pick soft pinch, from the bottom to occupy the mainstream market. Specific examples such as />

strictly according to the standard to judge the theoretical system of Christensen, a typical representative of the Internet China under the "Li Kui" and "Li Gui" are as follows:

1. authentic "disruptive innovation"


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