nterest in business opportunities because love to drink soy milk and invented the Joyoung soymilk m

contemporary people focus on health, many people have the habit of drinking Soybean Milk morning, then a household Soybean Milk machine is indispensable, Soybean Milk mentioned, people will naturally think of Joyoung Soybean Milk machine, then Joyoung Soybean Milk machine was born in what circumstances?

1999 in June, at the age of 30, Wang Xuning won the intelligent household full automatic machine Soybean Milk national invention patent. The following year, he was once again the preparation of soybean milk and automatic soya bean milk machine national invention patent.

in July 9, 2008 Joyoung shares closing price of 40.29 yuan, with Joyoung rely on 22.05% of the equity shares, Wang Xuning wealth reached 2 billion 372 million yuan. That year, follow him along with Huang Shuling, Zhu Zechun and personal wealth of 231 million, respectively, to reach $446 million, $953 million, $.

2002 in May, Shandong Joyoung (Joyoung shares predecessor) before the establishment, Wang Xuning, Zhu Hongtao, Huang Shuling, Zhu Zechun is engaged in business cooperation Soybean Milk machine, including Wang Xuning, Huang Shuling, Zhu Zechun Soybean Milk machine mainly engaged in machinery research and development, production and sales. Zhu Hongtao is mainly through the development of Ji’nan dike Software Co. Ltd. and Qingdao easy software company engaged in Soybean Milk machine software, and developed the V1.0 control program Soybean Milk machine program V1.0 and easy Soybean Milk machine controlled by NT66P20A.


with Joyoung in late May of this year, the successful listing of the shares, surfaced millionaires including Xu Fagang, Cui Jianhua and other 22 people.

2007 in June, Joyoung introduced Dinghui as a strategic investor, the transfer of shares to Shanghai – 20 natural persons. Through the transfer of shares, Cui Jianhua, Jiang Guangyong and other dozens of middle and senior management were obtained in Shanghai – equity. The Xu fagang stake up to 2.13%, the book value reached 2..29 billion yuan, Cui Jianhua through the Shanghai – Indirect recommendation

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