Six steps to teach you to open a beauty shop

shop is not a moment of hot things, people are very much hope that they can have a good return on each investment. Beauty shop, in the operation should pay attention to what problems? How do you get started?

A market survey,

investigation direction for the opening before the preferred

1, location, must be located in the business district, residential areas, shopping district, the greater the number of people:

2, consumption level, consumption habits (which is the key to determine the grade of your beauty shop):

3, competitive peer survey, future development.

capital investment

first as the necessary budget


1, rent, deposit (usually 13 months rent):

2, decoration equipment budget:

3, product equipment budget:

4, salaries, utilities budget;

5, advertising planning;

6, liquidity reserve.

three, decoration, plans to focus on

1, shop grade positioning, color taste positioning:

2, facade and signs of the special design:

3 and

on the desk;

4, the characteristics of the design of the sale of the product cabinet:

5, health department, health department and other regional distribution.


l, – color, cosmetic advertisements focus on product promotion, good news, favorable health project;

2, advertising signs – signs;

3, a small advertising, publicity of the center of the qualifications, characteristics of products, services, fees and incidental location sketch map:

4, other advertising – cable television, newspaper reports, opening publicity, demonstration activities, etc..

five, the management of

l, health club staff code, attendance system,

2, director, he put out the salary standard, consulting, health division, assistant division;

3, performance royalty standard, total performance bonus, individual performance award;

4, entry procedures (including job security, resignation requirements, alternative training requirements, etc.);

5, the health center daily work arrangements, service program development, daily work records, customer files, tracking services

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