A webmaster to Baidu CEO Robin Li’s public pay New Year’s call letters

Dear Mr. Robin Li:

Hello! Were bull, we ushered in the new year, we wish you and your family good health, good luck in everything! Congratulations to Baidu in 2009

full of arrogant!

last night, the Spring Festival Gala, see you sitting in front of the position of the audience, a brilliant smile, graceful bearing. The photographer also deeply attracted by your grace, many precious lens on your valiant and heroic in bearing face. I believe the country hundreds of millions of Internet users also in the spring of 2009 has witnessed your style, there are such a young CEO are proud of Baidu.

may be a lot of people are like me and you are loyal fans, at any time are concerned about Baidu, care about you. For Baidu and you are concerned, 2008 is indeed not smooth, but after Baidu encounter CCTV exposure, and advertising to the CCTV, and enthusiasm to the scene to watch the show, or a smile, it is broad-minded.

you in 2008 the implementation of the new strategy, which includes the launch of "HI" chat software, "ah" C2C e-commerce website, Baidu diversification strategy has been budding. However, after you have launched e-commerce website, Baidu will encounter Taobao shield, followed by Youku also announced shielding Baidu, but also eat a few about the search for justice, PPC advertising click fraud lawsuit, has also been criticized CCTV, facing great pressure, right behind your Baidu PPC the model, for your consistent, I very admire.

Baidu has been relying on the demand of users with localization strategy Chinese won more than 60% of the share, it also reflects your vision. However, after 2008, Baidu shares in the voice of doubt began to decline, which is the most serious problem for the search engine. I believe in 2009, Baidu’s key task is how to reshape the brand, so that the shadow of Sanlu public relations event as soon as possible to erase.

I have seven questions about Baidu:

1, to consider whether to continue to bid ranking, because this is the focus of attention of all parties, but also the most questionable point, as long as the change in the price of the Baidu model ranking brand inevitable influence.

2, Baidu search quality needs to be improved? Many netizens response Baidu search quality on the decline, Baidu should increase research on intelligent search and search quality, quality is the foundation of the business, then the high share of big brands also due to product quality problems and being abandoned by consumers.

3, diversification in the end to what role in the whole development process of Baidu search engine? At present, Google has been in the field of rely on advertising revenue, and they also began to focus on the enterprise market; then, the Baidu C2C is Baidu’s own manufacturing for advertisers, or to rely on the C2C profit? At present, I still can not see clearly Baidu has ah in Baidu’s role in the development of.

4, Baidu is to be in public relations

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