At present, Taobao shop to sell what to sell what the most profitable

with the popularity of the network popularization, and the fast pace of life more and more people, online shopping become a time saving and simple way of life, at the same time, along with the growth of online consumer groups, the shop team is constantly expanding. Since Chinese e-commerce has been the rise of the Internet trading market rapid development also makes the market gradually saturated, slowing the pace of development, but the annual trading volume of e-commerce still refresh the market trading volume China, this has also become the key to attract many people to enter the network store industry. Taobao is now the most popular online trading site, 13 years of double the amount of time on the day of trading is to reach a billion on the eleven. Then the face of a variety of shops and products on the network, as a novice shop first to decide what to sell, what is the most profitable Taobao shop to sell, but also to attract the attention of consumers?

last year, as a college student I have been wondering how to set up shop in Taobao and achieve profitability, research and practice spent a semester, I took me more than half a year of practical experience to tell you today, hope to be able to give some advice how much can you shop on the road.

first, the product must not choose virtual recharge products. Do not blindly listen to some virtual prepaid products advertising and promotion, publicity virtual recharge software small start-up funding, fast turnover, reputation accumulated rapidly and so on. Although these ads have a credible place, but it is really difficult to do virtual recharge. Do you think Taobao has many stores in doing a virtual recharge, you can no credit and not enough money to advertise in the home page, and now the bank’s customers recharge business, there is no need to spend time to recharge shop in the Taobao page. So I do not recommend the virtual recharge products.

second, the novice into the Taobao shop, the product features that half of the success. You can choose to provide a unique product or service. Characteristics of the product can be a local specialty, second-hand products, collectibles, etc.; the characteristics of the service can be you provide customers with a variety of services, but the premise is reasonable and legitimate. These things are missing in the current Taobao shop, if you can do the characteristics of the store, it will attract a fixed consumer groups, but also in a short time to improve the visibility of the shop.

third, branded goods. If you have a good channel, you can choose to sell brand goods. Because many people are keen to see something in the store and buy on the Internet, because it saves time and effort, if you can let your customers save money that is definitely icing on the cake.

fourth, a purely handmade or purely designed unique product. If you have a unique technology or you can work with a lot of students who are not well-known, still in the school of design, sales of your unique design on Taobao, as the first phase of your business. This product will set off a Taobao store in the most unusual folk style, especially ethnic clothing, handmade leather goods, ornaments and other characteristics, it is definitely a lot of woman’s love.

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