Ali Bullets loaded gun aimed at the supermarket shopping scan code

how much business opportunities will be hidden behind a small bar code?

March 4th, Ali’s "code Amoy business responsible person Zhang Kuo tried to explain the" Match 8 Women’s Day "through the mobile phone Taobao scan the bar code on the product to the shopping convenience — how much if you want to buy a bottle of soy sauce, points on Taobao, find the favorites or purchase of goods has been found, soy sauce, and then point repeat purchase…… But now, as long as you pick up the sauce bottle in the home, found above the bar code, open the mobile phone to sweep, you can enter the payment process.

even more amazing is that Ali is to promote this wildly beating gongs and drums, scan code combined with mobile phone camera. In the future, even the phone Taobao APP do not need to touch, as long as the camera, you can scan the code to buy.


group chief operating officer Zhang Yong (happy child) in an "Economic Observer" said in an interview, after the development of the mobile Internet connection, see Ali, consumption of consumer goods and can be because the mobile Internet and the emergence of a lot of changes. One of the key points is that consumers can not connect to the commodity, will be able to promote whenever and wherever consumption.

Zhang Kuo revealed that Ali’s scan code acquisition project will start in March 8th.

which was tantamount to the supermarket started the "Lexington" first shot because Ali wants everyone to scan the code of goods, the main lock in the daily life of the FMCG, namely the supermarket some of those goods.

brewing for a long time

is the code Amoy project early in June last year has started, then the number of bar code barcode library Ali was geometrically, the project also opened for independent businesses to upload and shelf expired barcode services: Taobao hundreds of one billion goods, the goods itself has a barcode, Ali encourage businesses own bar code uploaded to the Internet, Ali is responsible for the specification of the goods and the online commodity barcode library data.


China items have a new barcode encoding center, or that there is a new specification, Ali will immediately bring it into the bar code database on the platform, and then promote the businesses to do complement behavior. Chinese goods coding center staff to Zhang wide feedback is that they have been receiving applications for this time the number of bar code has doubled.

and a business to join the code Amoy need first and a third party company to get a bar code or two-dimensional code. Then upload your own code to Ali. Barcode bar code or two-dimensional code, the cost is very low, a few cents now. This is a lot of cosmetics companies in terms of almost negligible, because the bar code to bring them the benefits of security has been far beyond the cost of the code.

according to Zhang revealed the data, now Ali has completed the construction of a hundred million barcode commodity library, and will continue to access various types of mobile phone cameras and other hardware vendors. While at 2015 "3>

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