The Wall Street journal website faces changing charging mode



some people think, "the Wall Street journal" website (WSJ.COM) to charge $99 annual fee is a serious strategic mistakes, because it sacrifices to attract more users may bring advertising revenue, not to mention about the influence of the Internet tide free entry. "New York Times" website "Times Select" (times selection) also attracted similar criticism of the practice of foreign charges, here for the time being.


is not yet clear, news group in the pipeline after Jones, whether it will really open WSJ.COM free. For the Wall Street journal, with 900 thousand registered users, and of which 2/3 did not subscribe to the print version, this result is not the same. Open the door to the WSJ.COM may force the Dow down the site’s advertising fees, because the previous tariff standards are based on such an understanding: these registered users are elite and will focus on advertising.


Larry · Kramer (Larry) is the founder of the MarketWatch website, in 2004 he sold the site to Dow Jones, is now a consultant for a joint venture company in. Cramer believes that for Murdoch, the better way is to retain the WSJ.COM charging mode, while the use of free MarketWatch promotion is being prepared in the business news channel of the. He added that the MarketWatch can provide free of charge to the "Wall Street journal" article without affecting the way WSJ.COM users register. "Some people are willing to pay for the valuable business news, even if the price is high without stint. Murdoch knows this." Cramer said, for those who do not want to pay the user, to provide them with enough free content on it. It is in one fell swoop."


Cramer believes that there are fundamental differences between WSJ.COM and MarketWatch, the "Wall Street journal" focuses on providing depth analysis for business enterprise management personnel, MarketWatch is more concerned about the major news, and mainly for retail investors. As a result, MarketWatch is better suited to the Fawkes business news channel".


although Cramer is no longer associated with MarketWatch, but he is still full of expectations for MarketWatch. He hoped that Murdoch will be renamed MarketWatch Fawkes MarketWatch".


Cramer said, in order to avoid direct competition with WSJ.COM, led by MarketWatch>

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