We can not do without Alexa the most fundamental it has credibility

      the end of August this year, calculation method of Alexa adjustment, caused great shock in the China Internet community. Many of the site’s global ranking fell sharply, and some sites even cleared. Thus, those who have the opportunity to attack his companions, have, who have secretly delighted.

      a dispute between Sina and the Sohu has become the climax of the drama. Prior to this, Sohu had said their own traffic exceeded Sina, but in August 27th after the Alexa adjustment rankings, Sohu ranked 40 in the world’s previous day fell more than 22. After the Sohu founder Zhang Zhaoyang swear to heaven, said Sohu did not cheat.

      the dispute between Sina and Sohu. As the two ranked first and second Chinese portal site, positioning and advertisers highly coincident, destined to be a pair of friends. Now approaching the fourth quarter of 2007, and advertisers do when advertising plans next year, Sina and Sohu want to occupy a larger share of advertising, will naturally play spat in traffic. In addition to the news war around the Olympic Games has started, and now the dispute is a skirmish.

      I don’t want to go into the Sina Sohu battle here, denounced Alexa also more than this one two, I want to discuss is why adjustment algorithm Alexa can cause such a response in the Chinese?

      one of the reasons for the Alexa tuning algorithm is to do as much as possible to combat cheating. Perhaps each site will have some specific individual reasons, but Alexa in Chinese spread adjustment algorithm is so wide, I am afraid the first reaction in China or, in order to improve their derived in the Alexa ranking of cheating more.

      in fact, cheating on ALEXA has now spawned an industry. Alexa Internet users to install the toolbar, in order to statistical traffic. And someone broke the Alexa toolbar, you can use technical means to simulate the flow. I know someone who has been in the business since 2002. It is said that now the top 200 Alexa sites, about 20 of his clients.

      flow price is the price tag, fair trade. Each of the 1000 independent IP address access price is $4; if more than 500 thousand, is a wholesale, price concessions, each of the 1000 price is $3.5.

      after 2005, Alexa in order to cheat, often adjust the algorithm, in the cat and mouse game, the mouse means more and more clever. The one I know is built to the customer

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