Why the United States shut down the website of the United States so developed web2.0

see Microsoft in the file after the leak, in the lawyer’s letter requires web sites to delete this file failed, Microsoft through negotiations with the IDC room, forced to close the site.

a lot of Internet users to look at it and feel that this is the U.S. version of the pull wire, and immediately said that the domestic output values. Forced to close the site of others, not only the original domestic dry, the United States also dry. No difference. But that’s not the case.

Microsoft is based on the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (Digital Millennium Copyright ACT, referred to as the Millennium law) to take this behavior

if you carefully read the "Digital Millennium Copyright Law" the Fa law, in fact, the United States shut down websites really are more civilized than domestic.

a. The United States to close the site or server process

Millennium law provides that if a website infringes your copyright, you can issue a notice to its IDC, requiring the removal of infringing content.

if the site has violated the "Millennium law" regulation, the infringer can be issued "notice" to IDC off your site, this notice must include the following elements, are indispensable, otherwise it is invalid, IDC has the right not to adopt:

1 physical signature or electronic signature of the infringing party;

2 infringing content;

3 the specific location of the infringing content;

4 contact by the infringer;

5 copyright infringement statement;

6 provides infringement of information is a true statement.

IDC after receiving the notice, confirm the correct format, if the elements are complete, it is necessary to take action within 72 hours to stop the infringement of the contents of the site visit, and then notify the site was shut down the webmaster. (usually backup and then shut down)

owners received notification of shutting down, if you feel dissatisfied, can be issued to the IDC opposition to shut down notice,

asked to restore access to the content being shut down. Host company received opposition to shut down notice, you must first contact the infringer, and then restore the deleted content within two weeks visit.

if during this period, the infringee appeal to court, or apply to the Fa school ban. Do not restore site access to


if the "notice" is wrong, that is, in the end proved to be no infringement, the copyright owner must compensate for all losses and bear the cost of litigation.

if the "notice" is right, that is, the final proof of infringement, the site must compensate for all losses and bear the cost of litigation.



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