Pig did not develop, Ding Lei and started a live, this time he……

2016, the content in the mobile Internet business layout and drew a circle, a new list released "2015 white paper" the content of entrepreneurship, the Tencent launched the "plan" in today’s headlines, put "million" thousands of people plan a little information online "application".



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content of entrepreneurship to spark Liaoyuanzhishi swept the Internet, Ding Lei also finally sit still, with a "NetEase" attitude to admission.

April 19th, NetEase officially released a new subscription platform – NetEase number, open a new journey in the local strategic layout of NetEase.


conference, when the media NetEase deputy editor Zhang Feng "green" raised the camera, under the peers all scared out of his chin. Seems a foregone conclusion their own situation in the same industry platform, "NetEase" by surprise to achieve the corner overtaking with hottest live concept, build new eco city news broadcast.

sink place, and the introduction of "media partner" mechanism, support and help the emerging broadcast from the media IP, and integrate the local media advantages of NetEase from the media ecology comprehensive upgrade.

The difference of

play with Ding Lei has always been the personal independence of conduct, the principle: "as long as the user experience is good enough, there is the opportunity to catch up from behind.

so you are the "NetEase"

April, from Zhang Xiaolong’s first public speech, put forward the concept of application number is only three months.

WeChat’s application number is still in the conceptual stage, and a little bit of information has become the application number into reality. A little bit of information to the original discovery page directly to the "application number", at the bottom of the Tab APP on the right side of the display.

The "

" application contains "Starchaser artifact" and "dress collocation" and "delicacy" menu more than and 80 vertical sub APP, the user can choose to add, add freely according to the requirements, can be in the home interface below the free switch back and forth to meet the content requirements of vertical segments.

although a little information "application" at best is just a decoration, but takes time natural advantages, even being shot dead on the beach, can also list name.

is not good in their love or not in the field, Ding Lei has been a latecomer, any hot NetEase have been covered, but he does not love others to put "crocodile" when house lizard.


as the core of the strategic layout of the local NetEase, "NetEase" is originated from the "application" of the concept, generation have their own attributes the kernel of NetEase. With the attitude of the gene NetEase, from the two dimensions of interest and geography, intelligent analysis of information processing and distribution.


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